DJ Spider and Objekt Feature in Our Seven Favourite New Music Picks This Week

Also featuring Kablam, Call Super, Shanti Celeste and Leonce.

Mar 24 2017, 12:55pm

An obvious thing that still deserves pointing out on a regular basis: the week before payday is the worst week of the month. I know, I know, that's like me saying "curry is good" or "delayed flights are annoying," and expecting you to have your mind blown, but the point remains: being skint is rubbish. Luckily, the internet is free and the internet is full of music! Well, it's not really free. You've got to have a flat with a router, or a phone and...jesus christ, can payday hurry up so I don't have to spend every waking second dominated by thoughts of pennies, while eating lentils straight out of the bag for sustenance?

To tide you over till then, why not feast on a hauntological ambient jam by Yves Tumor, Jam City's stiff-backed and shimmering remix of "Phase Me Out" by VÉRITÉ, the UK Funky stylings of "Advent" by Fade to Mind's Leonce, or "Luminerence" by Tumor. If you're still hungry after that then you can tuck into a punishing premier from DJ Spider, some samples courtesy of Call Super and Shanti Celeste, and an early frontrunner in the tune of the year stakes in the crystalline swagger of Objekt's "Theme From Q" which is finally online. Then, to play us out, enjoy—or at least try to—this completely unhinged RA podcast courtesy of Janus artist Kablam.

1. Leonce - Advent

2. VÉRITÉ - Phase Me Out (Jam City Remix)

3. Yves Tumor - Limerence

4. DJ Spider - Divide & Conquer

5. Call Super + Shanti Celeste - DKMNTL-10YEARS02

6. Objekt - Theme From Q

7. Kablam - RA.564

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