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You Can Now Carry a Subwoofer on Your Wrist

Berlin-based startup Lofelt will release the Basslet in February.

by Britt Julious
09 January 2017, 9:20am

Screenshot via YouTube

Lofelt, a Berlin-based startup, will release the Basslet, a wrist-sized subwoofer, in February.

According to Lofelt, the Basslet will be fitted on the wrist like a watch and lets wearers feel the full bass spectrum (10-250 Hz) in high fidelity. The Basslet also allows for six hours of playtime and is silent to the outside world. It can connect wirelessly to any device with a mini-jack output.

The Basslet will be available for purchase in the US and the UK on February 7, retailing for $199. Pre-order the Basslet here. Watch a preview video of the Basslet below.