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Fridtjof Nansen's Penis Is Making Norway Cry

Their hero was showing American girls his package, no qualms.

by Tony Sylvester
24 October 2011, 4:45pm

Fridtjof Nansen was a Scandinavian folk hero. With a robust moustache and piercing blue eyes, he was a true adventurer from an era when men actually did manly things, not least of which was his daring and potentially lethal navigation of the fabled North-East passage. He took a fortified ship, froze it into the Arctic Sea and let the pack ice carry him across the top of the world, round Siberia and the entirety of the Asian continent, before heading back to his Norwegian homeland through the Suez Canal and the Med. It took him three years. He was also a renowned cross-country skier, oceanographer, neurologist, foreign diplomat and Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

And now, it comes to light, homeboy was also a bit of a perv.

With celebrations in full swing to celebrate Nansen's 150th anniversary, a new book entitled Brenda, My Darling has surfaced featuring full-bore love letters from the then 67-year-old to his American sweetheart some 30 years his junior: We're talking no holds barred Henry Miller/ Anais Nin style literary filth here, people. The publication has unsurprisingly shocked the stoic, conservative Norwegians, many of them feeling this move undermines the great man's considerable legacy.

The real shocker, though, comes with the nude photos our man sent to accompany his fine erotica ("There is not a corner of my heart or soul which I do not wish you to look into…") showing the sexagenarian standing proud and buff, in a series of poses showcasing that age had been kind to the old cove.

In Brenda, My Darling are we not witnessing the birth of the truly modern man? His arousal and lack of inhibition predating iPhone cockshots and internet noodz by almost a century? Mr Nansen, we salute thee.

If you want to see more pictures of Fridtjof Nansen's penis, Brenda, My Darling is edited by Eric Utne and out now.

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