Schlachthofbronx's New Sound System Will Give You Blurred Vision

The Munich bass duo introduce their custom speakers and event series.

by Benjamin Boles
04 March 2016, 9:51am

Courtesy of artist

Photo by David Rasche, courtesy of Schlachthofbronx

German DJ/production duo Schlachthofbronx have built their name on music thriving with powerful sub-bass frequencies—but not all club sound systems are equipped to handle all that low end. To help address this problem, the Munich duo has teamed up with the Elemental Wave sound system crew on a new event series called Blurred Vision, which will see them spinning their eclectic blend of dancehall, footwork, grime, garage, and other bass-oriented music through a custom built wall of speakers.

There are some parallels between this project and the Despacio events that James Murphy and 2ManyDJs have built around their monster hi-fi sound system, but there's a huge difference in priorities. We recently spoke to Schlachthofbronx via email to get the scoop on this new project.

THUMP: What sparked the idea to build this sound system?

Schlachthofbronx: The idea was there almost from the very beginning of Schlachthofbronx, but we just couldn't make it happen at that time. When we started to produce music, we always had the idea in the back of our head: "this music has to be played on a really big system."

So we finally started this Blurred Vision project to enable a really physical, full body experience when we perform. We then linked up with friends from the dub and reggae scene who were actually just building a huge new sound system.

Are you going for accurate, clean sound, or something else?
It's not a project based on the idea of a hi-fi experience. Building big sound systems with heavy bass is obviously rooted in the sound system cultures of Jamaica and the UK, but also common in places like Mexico, Brazil, etc. We want the sound to be really, really punchy and sub-bass-heavy at the same time, without any distortion or noisy feeling.

How is the sound system influencing the music you're making for these events?
We're producing a lot of exclusive material, tracks, and edits for Blurred Vision, all in some way related to the music that is " supposed" to be played on such systems. The specials are sometimes a lot more minimalistic and rougher than the stuff we usually play. Some of it might be released one day, some of it will never be heard elsewhere—except on Blurred Vision nights.

Are you planning to take this rig on the road?
Yes. Munich is the premiere, but we would love to bring this to other cities as well.

Got any new releases coming?
We've nearly finished our next record. Some of the material is working very well in the whole Blurred Vision context, and will be played on Saturday for sure.

Watch a teaser video below and get tickets to their March 5 launch party at Muffathalle in Munich here.

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