Introducing the ‘Sound Torch’: A Speaker That Turns Music Into Fire

Just add fire.

by Beckett Mufson
06 May 2015, 6:00pm

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Sometimes a beat is so hot, nothing but actual flames can touch it. Now you can blast those jams through the fiery speakers they were meant for: the Sound Torch. Inventor Markus Buch, engineer Matt Ward, and designer Christian Fisker have taken the power of the Pyro Board music visualizer we saw last year and compressed it into a portable, Bluetooth-enabled sound system that blasts a gas-powered inferno out the top to the tune of your favorite songs—we suggest the very recent Aphex Twin (or AFX) tracks that have been confusing the internet all day. (At the time of writing this post, the Soundcloud formerly known as user18081971 now bears the name "Bumtrumpet.")

The trio boldly declares on their website that "Lasers and disco balls are old news," since their new invention brings pyrotechnics to the masses. "Did Metallica cry because there were going to be pyrotechnics on stage? No! Even Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire. Imagine if Avicii or Hardwell couldn't use fire in their show? Disaster—it's all about the FIRE not small pretty bubbles for kids," they explain. It's hard to argue with that kind of fervor.

Sound Torch will soon be launching on Kickstarter, with a first wave of just 100 units for early bird funders. Sign up for the mailing list to get first dibs on your very own on-the-go musical conflagration, and check out the Sound Torch in action in the video below:

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