Here’s a Dad Band Who Cover TV Theme Tunes, You’re Welcome

Dream Themes will help you realise that the 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' theme song really does slap. And for that we should be grateful.

by Lauren O'Neill
12 February 2018, 12:52pm

Screenshot via YouTube

It's Monday, so I'm doing what all digital media writers do on the first day of the working week: wilfully falling down internet rabbit holes. Often the ones I find myself gravitating towards are useless (I like slime and injectable surgery videos), but today I've really come up with the goods.

A while ago, my esteemed colleagues Emma Garland and Daisy Jones established that British TV themes go really, really hard. It's a widely known and understood truth, for example, that the music for Holby City is better – more evocative – than any dance music currently in the charts today. My mother sang the Eastenders music when she was giving birth to me (this is not a lie), so permanent is it in our cultural consciousness, so high was she on gas-and-air. There are so many great TV themes. So obviously my new favourite YouTube channel belongs to Dream Themes, who used to be the backing band for the late, great Frank Sidebottom, and who are now a band whose raison d'être is covering TV theme tunes.

Here they are, for example, doing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire:

I am unsure that I want to hear anything else for the rest of my life, such is the drama and suspense. Here's The News at Ten (complete with bongs) and Catchphrase:

Bloody hell. And here's Casualty, Grange Hill, Panorama, and Blockbusters:

I could continue but I'll stop there. I just want Dream Themes to know that I appreciate them for a) the true essence of Dad-ness that their performance style conjures, and b) raising awareness of the banging nature of a good 70% of UK TV themes (it's easily the thing we can be proudest of as a nation). Anyway I just thought I'd show you this nice thing that I found because, you know, it's Monday, and that's shite. Here's their YouTube channel. Enjoy yourself. Be nice to your mates.

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