Holy Shit

Grimes Just Dropped Another Track From 'Art Angels' Featuring Taiwanese Rapper Aristophanes

Aristophanes' bars are poetry, Grimes does a death metal scream, and the bass will make you poop yourself.

by Emma Garland
30 October 2015, 10:24am

Grimes, self-described "surrealist yuppie, urban faery, warrior poet, herbivore" and singular powerhouse, is about to release her fourth album, Art Angels, and by all accounts it's probably going to blow your face off. Earlier this week she dropped the first two tracks via video, in which she plays many characters including some kind of demonic cowboy angel and pop art Marie Antoinette. Now, she's released another track titled "SCREAM", featuring Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes. It's the first track Grimes has produced on which she is not the lead vocalist (she's the one death metal screaming) and, according to her Instagram post, you should listen to on "a good system aka not laptop speakers" because "the bass was exhausting to perfect".

Press play and try not to poop yourself.

Since all Aristophanes' bars are delivered in Mandarin, Grimes published them in English on her Tumblr and it's basically word after word of pure poetry.

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