Brits Have Spent £4.46 Billion on Drunk Impulse Buys, Survey Shows

Put the 13 spicy wings down, Mark

by Ruby Lott-Lavigna
12 March 2018, 3:31pm

Photo via Flickr user Jpellgen.

A spicy chicken burger, four drumsticks, a small pizza, fries, coleslaw, and two (?) Lilts. A life-sized teddy bear with a hat because you “thought it would keep the cat company.” Twelve pairs of fishnets socks and a maternity dress. A magazine detailing the rise of beekeeping in Lewisham, and a Charles and Diana commemorative mug from 1981. The drunk purchases of a boozed Brit know no logic.

Indeed, a survey conducted by price comparison site Finder has now confirmed the suspicion that we will blow our money on anything when lit. According to industry website The Drinks Business, just under 50 percent of all adults who drink regularly admit to making drunk purchases—which equates to around 15 million Brits spending £291.07 each on average in the past. That comes to a total of 4.46 billion of your good English pounds on regrettable-fried-chicken-despite-being-vegan-for-six-years, and a new winter coat in July.

According to the survey, commissioned in February 2018, a quarter of regular drinkers spend money on food, while 13.8 percent admitted to buying clothes, shoes, and accessories. After that, 10.44 percent made drunk gambling purchases, and 8.51 percent forked out for party cigs.

Men seem to be the worst drunk purchase culprits, spending an average of £364.72, as well as being more likely to buy food after a big one with the lads. This is compared to women, who on average make £213.41 worth of purchases when on the bevs. When it comes to age splits, millennials make the most purchases when drunk, but Gen X spend more money on their indulgences.

Stay strong, guys. Don't be bettered by five tequilas and Etsy.

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