London Under the Caliphate

Islamic fundamentalist Anjem Choudary takes us on a tour of London, showing us what life would be like if the UK were ruled by Sharia law. Along the way, there is a run in with London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

31 March 2015, 11:14am

In the run-up to Election '15, Britain's political leaders need to sell you a vision. They need to show you what life would be like under their rule. But what about political leaders at the margins? What about Islamic fundamentalists?

Last week, the Islamist preacher and tabloid hate figure Anjem Choudary called a press conference outside the Houses of Parliament, to explain why Muslims should not vote in the forthcoming election and all of the parties running for office are heretics. He had spelled out his own vision for the country to us previously, as we drove around London in a people carrier.

In the picture of a Sharia UK that Anjem vividly painted, there would be no pubs, no clubs, thieves would have their hands chopped off in Trafalgar Square and Prince Harry would stand trial for treason.

On the ride, we also ran into London Mayor Boris Johnson, who was heckled by Anjem and his friends after he appeared to skip a red light on his bike.

Back in the present day, we catch up with Anjem once more outside the Houses of Parliament, where he is telling a media scrum why Muslims should not vote in the upcoming election.

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