These Hairy Humanoids Are Mesmerizing

These loops show what can happen when an artist has the right tools.
06 August 2016, 11:55am


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Jul 30, 2016 at 8:05am PDT

A lovable group of hairy aliens is crashing onto your Instagram feed, courtesy of master of mesmerizing 3D visuals, Zolloc. We've shown you the New York-based animator's fluid flourishes and rhythmic minimalism before, but a suped-up new computer has just lifted the ceiling on his active imagination. Hair is incredibly hard to animate, and rendering it realistically is still relatively rare, even in Hollywood. These intensely emotional walking, crawling, and dancing characters are his first experiment with the texture, blazing the path tread by Universal Everything's walking man animations in his signature Zolloc style. Loops like these would have represented hours of rendering with his old toys, but now he can build them with a powerful rendering software called Octane in mintues.

"I started the hair pieces as a challenge to see if I could get dynamic hair to loop seamlessly," Zolloc tells The Creators Project. "A lot of my work is problem solving. These were the first things I made with the new computer. I'm excited to push it further." He'll get that opportunity as he begins a six-month residency at Mana Contemporary with frequent collaborators Traceloops, Sam Cannon, Julien Glander, and Thoka Maer. Watch this space.


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Jul 26, 2016 at 1:25pm PDT


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Aug 2, 2016 at 5:23pm PDT

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