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You Need to Listen to Red Bull Radio's New Show 'True Laurels'

Noisey staff writer Lawrence Burney debuts his own radio show with Baltimore artist Lor Choc as its first guest.

by Noisey Staff
16 August 2018, 8:14am

Yesterday, Noisey staff writer Lawrence Burney's new show, True Laurels, launched at 6pm EST on Red Bull Radio. The Baltimore native started True Laurels as a blog in 2011 to document the local rap and club music scenes of his hometown before turning it into a print publication and a column here at Noisey. Much like his writing, the show will cover hip-hop and music across the black diaspora to uncover greater stories of the genre’s cultural impact, politics and human perspective. It'll also be an extension of his covering the hottest music coming out of Baltimore and The DMV.

The show's first guest was 20-year-old Baltimore rapper and singer Lor Choc who talked about her musical process, opening up about personal relationships in her work, and growing up in West Baltimore. The show airs every Wednesday at 6PM ET (11PM UK time), and the live broadcast can be streamed below.

This article originally appeared on Noisey US.

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