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Cristoph's Vision of "The Future" is a Dark Consequence of Society

Trippy house from the dark edges of the Geordie Shore.
20 February 2015, 3:05pmUpdated on 20 February 2015, 3:40pm

It's nice to be able to bring you some exciting new house (tech, deep or otherwise) that doesn't involve us writing the words "Berlin" at the start. Instead THUMP are delighted to introduce you to Cristoph, an exciting emerging voice in dance music – and a Geordie. He has been kind enough to give us an listen to a track from his soon to be released EP 'Consequence of Society'. "The Future" is a moody slice of bassy, driven house that is as gloomy as it is groovy.

2014 saw some serious progression in the UK producer's career, particularly with the arrival of his well-received debut EP 'On the Inside'. Both released on Danish label Noir Music, they are building Cristoph's reputation for appealing and intense original cuts. 2015 could be his year, with this newest release charting an evolution in sound that should gain him some serious attention during the festival season. Anyway, enough prophesying  - why try and predict the future when you can listen to it? See what I did there? Witty.

'Consequence of Society' drops soon on Noir Music.

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