Club Cheval

Club Cheval Are the Most Unpredictable Party-Starters in Paris

Brodinski's stable of game-changing producers open up about their upcoming full-length: "It's a mix of Soviet and Liberal thinking applied to dance music. Plus, 100 percent friendship."

by Julia Martineau
22 September 2015, 9:06am

Consisting of members Canblaster, Myd, Sam Tiba, and Panteros666, Parisian supergroup Club cheval are a collective of dynamic producers. The four have crafted a unique sound that infuses elements of warehouse, R&B, and hip-hop. "We're open to anything, as long as we think it's cool. It can be Amsterdam linear techno or Carioca—if it fits with us and it's musically challenging, we bring it in. We like to mix raw sound design. Maybe that's the French heritage with strong melodic emotions," the group says.

Having originally met as students in Lille, Northern France, the quartet introduced themselves to the world with two EPs on Bromance Records. "The man behind our collaboration with Bromance is undoubtedly Louis Brodinski. We share the same openness and respect towards club music. We all had crazy, candid demos, and Louis was really encouraging to us. We weren't sure about the Club cheval sound back then, but we had the energy and excitement."

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Recently, Club cheval released "Discipline," the title track from their latest EP. Featuring pitch shifted R&B vocals and exuberant beats, the song is a party anthem, which has received the remix treatment from Ryan Hemsworth, Louis The Child, and more. Following the EP's release, Club cheval unveiled a slick music video for "Discipline" directed by award-winning Parisian duo J.A.C.K.

Set in a mansion, "Discipline" follows a teenage girl documenting a house party with her camera. Sweaty dancing, a booze-fuelled round of musical chairs, and general debauchery occur while Club cheval provide a live soundtrack. "J.A.C.K's previous work for Christine and The Queens was stunning. When they explained the musical chairs concept to us, we instantly knew they would do a great job thanks to a simple idea," the group says, "J.A.C.K wanted to portray today's youth and parties in Paris. Club cheval would be the musical accompaniment to the story. The video is about everyone else, not only us—that's what we loved about it."

Constantly daring each other with new ideas, Club cheval avoid labeling themselves as a certain type of dance act:

"Our solo careers make us an artist collective. Our joint album and live act make us a band. It's both exciting and weird for us to represent something that is hard to define so far. Perhaps in five years everyone is going to be organized like us. We have our common studio — we join forces to create. It's a mix of Soviet and Liberal thinking applied to dance music. Plus, 100 percent friendship."

Supporting each other and expressing themselves in a collegial manner are the group's key to success. "We're huge fans of each other. It's a real thing—we love the music of each Club cheval member. Club cheval is somehow a participative democracy. It took us a long time to create the Club cheval sound, and we always try to express ourselves with this very language we created."

Due out in early 2016 is the group's debut, full-length album. Miami-based R&B singer Rudy's vocals can be heard on five different tracks. "We made it with a lot of heart and tried to showcase everything we love about music. It can be read in many dimensions. Hope is at the centre of this disc."

In anticipation of the album's release, Club cheval has a packed schedule for the remainder of 2015. "We're already touring quite a bit to promote our new live show. We play alternate versions of the album tracks—kind of a night version of the LP. No turntables, only electronic instruments and drum kits. We really enjoy doing it and try to make it better each time. Apart from that, we're doing some remixes (we remixed The Weeknd and Twin Shadow this summer) and are already thinking about our next opus. We have lots of ideas, and it should be exciting."

With their groundbreaking experimentation and unique collective voice, Club cheval are making music for the future.

'Discipline EP' is available now on Bromance Records.

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