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Mura Masa's "Lovesick Fuck" Gets a Rework Featuring A$AP Rocky

One of the best tracks of 2015 becomes one of the best tracks of 2016.

by Noisey Staff
30 September 2016, 9:42am

Mura Masa's "Lovesick Fuck" was hands down one of the best tracks of 2015​​, perfectly capturing the balance of stomach-churning anxiety and hollow nothingness that comes with searching for meaning in other people. Now, thanks to a new version featuring a verse by A$AP Rocky, it's also one of the best tracks of 2016. In a collaboration titled "Love$ick", Mura Masa and Rocky go together like, well, two lovesick fucks. It's perfect.

​The UK producer explains how the two linked up thusly:

"Rocky was actually in London for a couple of days and I wanted to make him feel like I was taking the collaboration seriously, so I booked us in to Abbey Road, Studio 2, and we met up there for a couple of hours and he did his thing. It was a hell of a good time hanging out in such a legendary space with him, very surreal. The track originally was about sex and how I was feeling after a particularly empty encounter with a friend told through a kind of twisted-pop, calypso, hip hop dance track. Rocky kind of ran with that and took it to this lovelorn, exotic place. He totally injected his energy into it.​"

Now, enough of the words. Dig in.