Today’s Out-of-Touch Beauty Blogger Tip: Wash Your Hair with Champagne

Rich people are at it again.

by Ruby Lott-Lavigna
08 August 2018, 1:55pm

Photo via Instagram/Madina Shrienzada
and Flickr user William Warby. Composite by MUNCHIES. 

Mayonnaise, they said. Just spoon some mayonnaise in your hair, and your locks are guaranteed to look shiny. How, exactly, one should wash out an oil-based condiment using water wasn’t specified but boy, did the oil make your hair shiny!! Then it was coffee, which left you smelling like Starbucks for four days. You even tried dousing yourself with beer like an alcoholic’s baptism—all in the name of beautiful hair.

However, it’s not mayo that you need to be washing with, apparently (or coffee or eggs or two-day-old tartiflette or a potato). It’s Champagne. Expensive, delicious Champagne. For your hair to drink.

A beauty blogger has released a video encouraging followers to wash their hair with the sparkling wine, claiming it has given her hair an extra shine. According to industry website The Drinks Business, Instagrammer Madina Shrienzada shared the video a month ago, which showed her pouring fizz over her hair and rinsing the ends. The video then cuts to Shrienzada swishing her shiny locks around, presumably thanks to the million-pound rinse.

In the post, Shrienzada explains that the hack can be used to allegedly give “an extra little vamp of shine” and reduce “some frizz.” Using an offensively high number of emojis, she continues: “I THINK IT’S JUST A FUN LITTLE WAY OF DOING THIS ON A GIRLS NIGHT.”

Shrienzada is known for sharing other off-beat beauty hacks, once suggesting potato-peel could help the appearance of under-eye bags. Which, while clearly dumb, is at least finding a use for a waste product.

Understandably, many were sceptical of the Champagne tip. Once user wrote “Ur trying to shine hair that’s already shiny,” while another commented, “If I drink the Champagne I won't even care if my hair is shiny or not.”

I think we’ll stick to £3 shampoo.