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The Orb, Lone and Bruce Feature in Our Picks of the Week's New Music

Also featuring OUR MOTHER and Wata Igarashi.

by Angus Harrison
03 March 2017, 12:27pm

Image via Flickr.

It was world book day this week, which means we've spent most of our time dusting off our old Redwall novels, or trying to decide which character from Tai Pei we were going to dress up as. That said, we still had some time for our second favourite medium, music. This week we've been obsessing over Jörg Burger's ethereal, gently stomping rework of the Orb's "5th Dimensions," the spangled crunch of OUR MOTHER's "Heaven," and the warped balladry of Jakuzi. We've also been tearing through Wata Igarashi's Dekmantel mix, a session of abject weirdness from Elena Colombi on NTS, and the gargled pulse of Bruce's FACT mix. Finally we've been luxuriating in the inviting acidic swirl of Lone's entry to the Feel My Bicep mixtape series. Happy weekend!

1. The Orb - 5th Dimensions (Jörg Burger Dschungeloper Mix)

2. OUR MOTHER - Heaven

3. Jakuzi - Bir Düsmanim Var

4. Wata Igarashi - Dekmantel Podcast 111

5. Elena Colombi - NTS Radio

6. Bruce - FACT Mix 590

7. Lone - FMB Mixtape 69

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