[Visual Dictionary] The Year Virtual Reality Grew Up

Visual definitions shed light on 2015's biggest art trends.

by Kyttenjanae
29 December 2015, 8:30pm

We asked some of our favorite artists to visually define some ideas and genres we felt had a big presence in 2015. Net artist, GIF maker, animator, and director Kyttenjanae visualizes virtual reality through the lens of the digital world itself. She imagines future generations of VR pioneers in the form of her trademark glossy alien characters, including implications of our dependence on technology for communication.

Virtual reality is still a medium in its infancy, but with billions of dollars of capital investiment surging through labs and production houses around the world, it's set to potentially revolutionize the way we see the world. A 20-minute vacation in Cabo—or a candy-colored alien wonderland—might be at our fingertips in the near future. Augmented reality, the meshing of real and digital realms in real time, isn't far behind. This was the year that these technologies came of age, but 2016 will be when they start to grow up.

See more artists using virtual reality below:

A Syrian refugee camp. Still from 'The Displaced.' Courtesy

+Chris Milk

+Ustwo Games

+Magic Leap



Rachael Archibald, carnate (in-pinking), 2015. Image courtesy of Paper-Thin

+Rachael Archibald



+The Weeknd


See more of Kyttenjanae's work on her website.


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