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FYI Chris' New Video is a Hallucinogenic Cybercrime Mini-Thriller

The clip for the Rhythm Section duo's "Russian Woodpecker" might make you feel a bit sick.

by Josh Baines
18 April 2017, 9:43am

Given the absurd size of Russia, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the nation is home to a fair few types of bird. From yellow-billed loons to brown boobys, the country is awash with all types of feathered friends. If anyone at the BBC is reading this—hi Graham!—perhaps you should look into the possibility of a series in which Chris Packham joins leathery old Michael Portillo, the oaky train connoisseur himself, on a cross-country trek through the best birdwatching that Russia has to offer. Think about it: Packham pissed out of his skull nattering on and on about Chinese egret's while Portillo, his face the colour of a good brandy, murmurs "remarkable, my dear boy," over and over. Great telly!

Sorry, where was I....ah, yes, everyone's favourite Rhythm Section signed duo FYI Chris are back with a brand new EP's worth of gloopy, stop-start, dub-inflected avant-house that sounds a bit like a Legowelt side-project run backwards through Audacity, then pitched up and down before lying out in the beating sun of a mid-summer afternoon in the heart of SE15.

Our favourite track from the Snafubar EP, which you can grab here , is undoubtedly "Russian Woodpecker," so hopefully you can understand why we got all excited about the thought of a potential BBC2 sleeper hit a few paragraphs above. While the video sadly doesn't feature Portillo in a ghillie suit romping around the Nizhnesvirsky Nature Reserve on a hunt for Black-billed capercaillies, it does seem to be some kind of nightmare-inducing cyber-crime mini-film, the kind of thing you might catch by accident on an old VHS if you'd set the recorder slightly wrong for Wrestlemania.  Want to feel slightly sick? Watch the video exclusively here on THUMP right now!

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