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Apollonia Played By Puppets In Super-Cool New Vid

These guys are living the dream.
03 September 2014, 9:18pm

What do DJs dream of when they finally go to sleep sometime between the hours of 7AM-3PM? Is it the perfect mix? The everlasting vibe? That coveted six-figure residency payday? If your name is Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, or Shonky—otherwise known as Parisian tech-house trio Apollonia, then you don't fantasize about any of that basic shit. For these guys, they see visions of themselves as a group of baller, lady-killing, vinyl slinging, club-destroying—puppets.

In one of the more bizzare and giggle-inducing music videos we've seen in recent months, the groove-loving outfit lives out their fantasy (set to the beat of their new track "The Benshee") and we get to to come along for the ride. Like all famous puppet DJs, they start the day in bed with a beautiful woman, slam some espresso, hit the record store—then get down to beat-droppin' business in a jam-packed discoteque. Apollonia all the way!

Apollonia's debut album will be released this October, keep your eyes on THUMP for more updates!

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