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3D-Rendered Futurama Remix Delivers Jaw-Dropping Sci-Fi Vista

The future-focused cartoon classic becomes even more futuristic in this stunning 3D rendition.

by Beckett Mufson
16 July 2014, 4:00pm

The year 3000 has never looked this tangible. Thanks to the visual wizardry of Alexy Zakharov, the cityscape of Futurama's New New York now pops out of your screen in stunning, polished 3D.

Zakharov used a killer combination of After Effects, Photoshop, Nuke, and 3Dsmax to forge this incredibly detailed "test footage" of Matt Groening's sci-fi metropolis. The zooming traffic, picturesque background, and sweeping lens flare—J.J. Abrahms would be proud—lend the tantalizingly short video a genuinely lifelike atmosphere. When the Planet Express delivery spaceship rockets into the frame, we expected the familiar intro bells to enter the background score.

A 3D-rendered model of the Planet Express accompanies the cityscape on Zakharov's Behance project page, along with a set of intricate imaginings of the space vehicle in action. Looking at all this new content is so exciting it almost made us forget that the show was cancelled...twice.  

Now that our interest is piqued, we're waiting with baited breath to see what Zakharov plans to do with this meticulous body of work. His obvious passion for the Futurama franchise gives us hope for both the artist and the future of the cult TV show, but if a 3D version of the ever-loved robot, Bender, doesn't meet our standards, someone's going to get exiled to the mutant sewers.

Rocket over to Zakharov's Behance page to ogle the rest of his images, or you can sit back and watch his Vimeo collection.

h/t Kotaku

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