Rich Countries Are Going to Extend the Pandemic

They're making the same mistakes made during the HIV epidemic by hoarding doses and blocking global initiatives that encourage open and equitable access to vaccine technology.
Anya Zoledziowski
3 hours ago

Black People Five Times More Likely To Be Homicide Victims Than White People

Official UK government data shows a rising trend of young, black victims and suspects in homicides in England and Wales.
Max Daly
4 hours ago

The Army Is Building a New High Powered Laser

The Army wants to build a new kind of laser that fires in 1 quadrillionth of a second.
Matthew Gault
4 hours ago
Boston Dynamics

How to Defeat a Boston Dynamics Robot in Mortal Combat

It turns out that a flip through Spot's user manual reveals its weaknesses.
Samantha Cole
4 hours ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene Harassed the Trans Child of a Congressional Colleague

The incident took place during debates in the House over the Equality Act.
Paul Blest
4 hours ago

COVID-19 Is Making Human Trafficking Much, Much Worse

Traffickers are utilising a steep rise in unemployment and illegal child marriage to exploit vulnerable people in Kenya.
Emma Ogao
5 hours ago
Texas blackouts

Before Texas, Feds Warned of ‘Catastrophic’ Blackouts Due to Fossil Fuel Failures—But Did Nothing

A previously ignored 2018 study called "Surviving a Catastrophic Power Outage" predicted much of what happened in Texas last week with shocking prescience.
Nafeez Ahmed
5 hours ago

A Japanese Cult That Believes Its Leader Is an Alien From Venus Is Speaking at CPAC

Horkai “Jay” Aeba has a spot in the lineup just after Donald Trump Jr.
David Gilbert
5 hours ago

Russians Aren’t Buying the Artemi Panarin Allegations, Either

Back in the anti-Putin hockey player’s homeland, the sports world is reacting with caution to the assault allegations against the NHL star by a Kremlin-supporting coach.
Dan Peleschuk
6 hours ago

El Salvador’s First Openly Gay Candidate Reclaims Slurs and Campaigns from Clubs

Erick Iván Ortiz's political bid is the first of its kind in conservative El Salvador, but he prefers gay clubs to the street for getting his message out.
Bryan Avelar
6 hours ago

International Law Firm’s Black History Month Post Boasts of Employee’s Child’s Black Friend

Gowling WLG has apologized for the post and is being criticized for performative allyship.
Manisha Krishnan
6 hours ago

Why People on TikTok Still Need to Explain #AltBlack

When I got involved in my local scene, the lack of other people of color started to grate. How I wish I had TikTok when I was younger.
Gita Jackson
7 hours ago