Tech Companies Didn't Plan for Chinese Censorship

Tech companies are censoring information about the demonstrations in Hong Kong. Civil liberties experts say this is symptomatic of larger problems.
Caroline Haskins
13 hours ago

The 'Wellness Influencer' Lifestyle Can Be a Gateway to Disordered Eating

The corner of the internet that chronicles meticulous diets and "clean eating" regimens is still a petri dish for orthorexia.
Katie Way
13 hours ago

Elizabeth Warren Says She Would 'Welcome' the Rock's President Bid

"I know he would fight for the principles that he believes in."
River Donaghey
13 hours ago

Trump Supporters' Response to Impeachment? Make It Rain Money on Trump.

His campaign is raking in millions. These supporters say impeachment is inspiring them to give more.
Liz Landers
13 hours ago

Blizzard Doubles Down, Says It Will Continue to Silence Players on 'Official Channels'

Blizzard will return prize money to Blitzchung but said that his support of Hong Kong protesters was made in a "divisive" and "deliberate" way.
Jason Koebler
13 hours ago

Blizzard Doesn't Respect the Human Rights of Its Customers, Major Rights Organisation Says

"By penalising a player for speaking up in support of protesters exercising their right to freedom of expression, Blizzard demonstrates a lack of respect for the human rights of its users."
Jason Koebler
14 hours ago
VICE Specials

I've Only Eaten Mac & Cheese for the Past 17 Years, Here's Why

For most people, eating nothing but mac and cheese seems like a childhood fantasy. But for 20-year-old Austin Davis, who has been eating nothing but mac and cheese for the past 17 years, it’s not a fantasy -- it has become his affliction.
trump impeachment

Trump’s Attempt to Stonewall Impeachment Is Collapsing – Fast

Nowhere was the haemorrhaging more apparent than at the State Department – where a brewing revolt among top diplomats delivered fresh information to the impeachment inquiry.
Greg Walters
2 days ago
Games News

‘The Internal Silence Is Deafening,’ Blizzard Employee Says About China Controversy

Blizzard employees are reeling after a week of controversy and protests.
Matthew Gault
2 days ago

The Best TikToks of the Week According to Me

I spend a troubling amount of time on the wildly-popular video app, TikTok. The least I can do is round up the best videos I saw this week.
Caroline Haskins
2 days ago

How To Make Boudin Balls with Isaac Toups

Isaac Toups is back and he’s making boudin, a classic Cajun dish made of pork shoulder, chicken liver, rice, and the Cajun trinity of onions, bell peppers, and celery.
trump syria

Trump’s Betrayal of the Kurds Is as Incoherent as It Is Dangerous

The Turkish incursion into Syria is almost certain to be a tragedy for the region’s vulnerable minorities, but the chain of events it is liable to set into motion are far easier to dread than accurately foresee.
Aris Roussinos
2 days ago