What's Gone On This Week: Welsh Independence Edition

With Brexit fuelling discontent in Wales, Wheatus – confirmed Sons of Glyndwr – offer their support for independence while Nigel Farage fails to win over Merthyr.
2 days ago
Eurovision 2019

Turns Out Eurovision Has a Whole New Generation of Fans

We spoke to some Gen Z Eurovision stans about their unlikely love of the competition.
Nick Levine
2 days ago

Welcome to 'Borderlands 3', Where You Can Shoot a Brain in a Jar With Legs

The latest iteration of the Gearbox shooter offers a billion guns and a slew of ludicrous things to shoot them at.
Joel Golby
2 days ago

A Former Blair Advisor Who Runs a PR Firm with Dodgy Clients Gave a Major Donation to Change UK

He thinks politics needs a shake up.
Solomon Hughes
3 days ago
One Star Reviews

My First Spray Tan at One of Yelp’s Worst Rated Tanning Salons

Taji gets a spray tan from a one star reviewed establishment.
VICE Shorties

How Fyre Festival Almost Ruined My Life - Twice

What happened to the woman who was scammed out of 50k by the disastrous luxury festival, Fyre? VICE went to the Bahamas to discover how she has made a fortune online, what she aims to do with it, and how she almost got scammed again.

How Letter Writing Became an Unexpected Mental Health Aid

More people have realised how taking pen to paper can force you to consider the nuances, logic and depth of your thoughts.
Kamila Rymajdo
3 days ago
Eurovision 2019

This Eurovision Has Been a Nightmare

Here are some photos that show why hosting an international pop competition in a world-famous conflict zone can make things a little tricky.
Chris Bethell
3 days ago

Here Are Some of 2019’s Most Exciting New Music Festivals!

Music is taking a backseat to more experienced-based festivals. I have some #concepts I'd like to run by you.
Lauren O'Neill
2 days ago

Prisoners Are Now Smoking Nicotine Patches and Chamomile Tea

It’s been a year since the ban on tobacco, British inmates' surrogate currency. The results are weird, but also predictable.
Nick Chester
3 days ago
food news

Hawksmoor Accidentally Serves £4,500 Wine to Guest Who Ordered Waaaay Cheaper Bottle

The diner had ordered a more budget-friendly bottle, but was served the pricey Le Pin Pomerol 2001 after a label mix-up.
Bettina Makalintal
3 days ago

Heroin Overdose Parties Are a Dehumanising Myth

“Narcan parties” are just another part of the narrative that vilifies people who use the drugs our nation has chosen to criminalize.
Elizabeth Brico
3 days ago

Skateboarding Is About More Than Just Landing Tricks

As recent films 'Skate Kitchen', 'Mid90s' and 'Minding The Gap' show, skating is often about creating a community away from a troubled home.
Ryan Bassil
3 days ago
Under The Ink

Shoreline Crips Scratcher Turned Street Tattoo Artist

VICE meets Looney, an OG Shoreline Crip from Venice Beach, CA, and learns about his journey from prison to street tattoo artist.