Canada Has Legalised Weed. Now What?

A note from VICE Canada's editor about Legalisation Day.
Josh Visser
31 minutes ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump Says He Gets Climate Change Because of His 'Natural Instinct for Science'

"I am truly an environmentalist."
River Donaghey
2 hours ago
The No Comply Network

You Can Thank Fos for All This Creepy Skateboarding Art

Catching up with the Heroin Skateboards founder on the company's 20th anniversary.
Jason Caines
an hour ago

The Many Ways Well-Intentioned White People Are Still Low-Key Racist

“You don't sound black."
Janae Price
an hour ago
VICE Life Hacks with Oobah Butler

I Sent Fakes of Myself to Be on TV Around the World

After turning his shed into London's top restaurant and getting a knock-off clothing brand into Paris Fashion Week, VICE's Oobah Butler decides to send fake versions of himself on a global press tour to improve his brand. But can he get away with it?

Jonah Hill Made a Skate Film That Doesn't Suck

'Mid90s' captures what it's like to grow up a skate rat in a way no other mainstream film has.
Jonathan Smith
17 hours ago

Here’s What Happens to the Black Market Now That Weed Is Legal

We spoke to dealers, cannabis farmers and edible bakers about their plans post-legalisation.
Manisha Krishnan
an hour ago
Northern Ireland

How Brexit Is Threatening Northern Ireland's Peace Agreement

There are unsettling parallels between what Conservative and DUP as many believe it is worth risking the peace process for Brexit.
Odràn Waldron
20 hours ago
Recognise Me

Over 100 Organisations Sign a Statement in Support of Trans Equality

We're one of more than 100 companies from the business, charity, and public sectors to come out publicly and unwaveringly in support of trans rights in a new ad.
VICE Staff
a day ago

Hey: What's the Best Monster?

Halloween, isn't it. Spooky season. What's the best monster?
Joel Golby
21 hours ago
Recognise Me

Come to These VICE Events to Stand Up for Trans Equality

We're running sessions in Peckham and Stoke Newington where you can fill in the Gender Recognition Act consultation with us, tomorrow and Friday.
VICE Staff
a day ago

The Boring Truths I've Learned About Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

It’s been ten months since I took on drastic 80-day regimen to get abs. Here's what has happened since.
Graham Isador
a day ago