the internet

How the Internet Turns Shopping Into an Obsession

A new report from internet use and psychology researchers warns that the internet could be contributing to more cases of "shopping addiction".
Lauren O'Neill
19 hours ago

can you work in fashion without studying a fashion degree?

The fashion industry’s biggest names come from a plethora of different backgrounds and educations.
foreign policy

The Foreign Office Is Full of Colonial Relics

A visit to the home of UK diplomacy showed me that the Foreign Office is more colonial throwback than modern workplace.
Phil Miller
18 hours ago
Recognise Me

I’m Intersex and Wish the Gender Recognition Act Was More Inclusive

Intersex people are assigned gender markers that damage our wellbeing, and even the UK's progressive reforms of the GRA don't address this.
Jules Gleeson
a day ago

Stop Telling Black Writers to Stop Writing About Race

A recent series of comments forced me to confront the issues of writing like everyone else as an other.
Noel Ransome
21 hours ago

how instagram transformed fashion education

Instagram, a poisoned chalice? As it increasingly impacts the lives of fashion students, we explore how it can present both opportunities, and complications.

'A Star Is Born' Is Bad, Actually

The movie is two hours of anxiety punctuated by the brief ecstasy of Lady Gaga's singing.
Nicole Clark
a day ago

This $100 Million Noah's Ark Theme Park Is a Boring, Homophobic Mess

Kentucky's Ark Encounter theme park was designed to be entertaining to Creationists and non-Creationists alike. I was not entertained.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
a day ago

Revisiting The Distillers’ Intense Punk Masterpiece 15 Years On

'Coral Fang' is one of the '00s best albums: born from the rage and torment of one relationship ending, and the lust and fire of a new one.
Recognise Me

We Threw a Party for Trans Rights with Eris Drew, BBZ London and Charlie Craggs

VICE and Stonewall took over a pub in south London and got people to respond to the government’s consultation on the Gender Recognition Act.
VICE Staff
4 days ago

England Are About to Start Their Latest Haunted Era

Jadon Sancho leads the way for a new generation of would-be exorcists ahead of tonight's “ghost game” in Croatia.
Hydall Codeen
4 days ago
workers rights

The Fast Food Strikes Put Britain's Exploited Service Workers On the Offensive

Combined walk outs have shown its possible to fight back against bosses even in the most difficult of circumstances.
Callum Cant
4 days ago