How 'Torture Porn' Captured the Violent Atmosphere of a Post-9/11 World

Films like 'Saw' and 'Hostel' may have felt like gratuitous gore, but they also reflected an era in which death and torture was entering everyday life.
Charles Graham-Dixon
2 hours ago

Meet the Woman Who's Picked Her Own Death Date

"I don't want someone else deciding for me whether I'm ready to die or not. I'm not a child anymore – I know what I want."
Estelle Dellaire
4 hours ago

Politicised Youth Are Mobilising Against Ireland's Housing Crisis

Rising homelessness and violent evictions are in stark contrast with a booming economy.
Norma Costello
6 hours ago
Freshers Week

Here’s Every Outfit You’re Going to See This Fresher’s Week

Vintage manboy, Depop girl, and that trance DJ whose room you end up in at 3AM, wishing desperately for home.
Iona Erskine
5 hours ago
Views My Own

You Can't Talk About Guns Without Talking About Race

As with most things in America, owning and using a gun for political purposes is perceived very differently if you're a person of color.
Krishna Andavolu
8 hours ago

Five Opinions I'd Be Happy to Defend on Good Morning Britain

For an appropriate fee, I'm ready to have a controversial take on just about anything.
Joe Bish
9 hours ago
Question Of The Day

Question of the Day: How Often Do You Poo Without Using Instagram?

"I like to be inspired by home ideas and think about home redecorating while on the toilet."
Stephen Smit
8 hours ago

‘BoJack Horseman’ Predicted the Return of Shitty Men Post-#MeToo

The show was written in the summer of 2017. After Harvey Weinstein's exposé, the writers only had to change one line.
Sammy Nickalls
8 hours ago

What Brooklyn Really Looked Like in the 70s and 80s

"Rents were so low, you could work and make a decent living without a college degree."
Seth Ferranti
8 hours ago

All Hail Ryan Fraser, the 'Wee Man' Breathing Life into the Premier League

In an opening month that has failed to raise the blood, Bournemouth's nippy winger is the only thing keeping our hearts beating.
Hydall Codeen
a day ago

The EU Is Sleepwalking to Disaster

Jean Claude Juncker's final 'State of the Union' address ignored his own legitimacy crisis and the rise of the populist right.
Gavin Haynes
a day ago
All the Shit

All the Shit That's About to Go Down During Libra Season

There’s a reason Libra season happens right before cuffing season, baby.
Daisy Jones
a day ago