Why Brazil's Charges Against Glenn Greenwald Are an ‘Absolute Red Alert’

It's a sign that democratically elected governments are growing more comfortable cracking down on journalists for publishing information originally obtained illegally, even if it’s in the public interest.

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13 hours ago
The GOP Is Working on Its Own Climate Plan. It Involves ‘Clean’ Coal and Planting Lots of Trees.

Republicans also have a bill in the works called The Trillion Trees Act.

14 hours ago
'I Need to Claim My First Victim': Alleged Neo-Nazis' Violent Plans for Virginia Rally Revealed

“We could essentially be like literally hunting people,” said one alleged member of The Base, according to court documents released Tuesday.

15 hours ago
Black Women Are Dying in Childbirth, and Democrats Are Finally Paying Attention

The issue kept coming up at Monday’s 2020 Iowa Brown & Black Presidential Forum in Des Moines.

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