The Impeachment Investigation Might Get Its Most Damning Testimony on Tuesday

Next up: Bill Taylor, a central player in the Ukraine scandal, who’s already made some of the most damning statements on record in the saga.

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3 hours ago
Facebook Had to Nuke a Bunch of Russian Bots Right as It Bragged It's Ready for 2020

State media outlets are going to get special labeling in the News Feed.

5 hours ago
Boris Johnson Just Got Owned in Parliament Again

Johnson's latest embarrassment was provided by Parliament’s Speaker, who shot down the PM’s bid to put his proposed Brexit deal with the EU to a simple “yes-or-no” vote.

6 hours ago
Mitt Romney Found His Backbone and Named It 'Pierre Delecto'

Mitt Romney has been tweeting under the moniker, sometimes about Trump, since 2011.

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