Lt. Col. Vindman Is a Powerful Witness. So the Republicans Are Trying to Smear Him.

Specifically, they used their time to smear him with unfounded accusations of leaking and dual loyalty.

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5 hours ago
Kurt Volker, A GOP Impeachment Witness, Just Trashed a Favorite GOP Talking Point

Ambassador Volker, the former U.S. envoy to Ukraine, showed little interest in entertaining the GOP's Biden talking points.

6 hours ago
Another Key Impeachment Witness Just Revised His Testimony. It’s Not Great for Trump.

Ambassador Kurt Volker said Tuesday he now remembers overhearing a discussion of investigations during a key White House meeting with Ukrainian officials on July 10.

8 hours ago
2 Epstein Guards Admit They Didn't Check on Him. They Were Allegedly Shopping and Napping.

They’re the first people to be charged from a criminal investigation into Epstein’s death, and they may spend years in prison.

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