Yellow Vest Movement

Inside the Trials of the Paris Rioters

Mistaken identities, angry parents and terrible excuses – here's what happened at this week's emergency hearings for the 400 arrests made during the violent Yellow Vest protests.
Bartolomé Simon

'There Are No Votes in Money for Criminals' – Why the Legal System Is in Crisis

We spoke to a leading QC about how legal aid cuts have caused chaos in UK court rooms.
Francisco Garcia

How the Rashan Charles Killing Inquest 'Descended Into Farce'

The ruling that Charles' death was "accidental" will add to concerns that the police act with impunity.
Leah Cowan

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Lawyer Who Defends Rapists

"Hearing someone give evidence about how their life has been ruined is emotional for absolutely everyone."
Sam Nichols

The Painful Battle for a Painless Death

Omid suffers from a rare nervous system disorder that will slowly and painfully kill him. He's crowdfunding a legal challenge for the right to die how he wants.
Oscar Rickett
Old People

When Is a Judge Too Old to Judge?

Out of more than 1,200 active and senior federal judges, 16 percent will be 80 or older by the end of 2017, and 39 will be at least 90.
Aaron Kase

Ed Banger's Heavy Metal Disco Misfits Are Still Just Having Fun

The French imprint's founder Busy P looks back on 14 years of glam and goofs on the eve of their 100th release.
Krystal Rodriguez
Civil Rights

Obama's Civil Rights Enforcer Is as Worried as You Are

Vanita Gupta led the charge against shady cops in Ferguson, Chicago and Baltimore. We asked her how bad it will get under Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions.
Matt Taylor

When Criminal Court Failed My Rape Case, I Tried Criminal Compensation

Criminal courts are notoriously hard on sex assault victims. So I went for something else.
Roslyn Talusan
Dancing VS the State

Looking Back at the Legal Bill that Killed off British Rave Culture

We examine the four pages of documents that effectively put an end to the golden days of the UK party scene.
Josh Baines

Daft Punk Released 'Homework' Twenty-Years Ago Today and They've Rarely Sounded As Exciting Since

You're probably going to hear a lot about how this album "introduced house music to the masses"—it didn't.
Angus Harrison
thump news

Justice’s First Essential Mix in Nine Years is Finally Here

The duo describe the mix as, "slow, moody and heavy."
Britt Julious