While Microsoft Was Making Its Climate Pledge, It Was Sponsoring an Oil Conference

"Microsoft is delighted to announce we are the digital transformation partner of the International Petroleum Technology conference."
Maddie Stone
2 days ago
true crime documentary

We've Got All Your True Crime Needs Covered

Here are some of the VICE true crime box sets you can watch for free if you head over to All 4.
Simon Doherty
VICE On All 4
2 days ago

Australia's Ancient Forests Survived Planetary Extinction. Now, They're Burning

The Gondwanan rainforests are a living time capsule that survived a continental breakup and a planetary mass extinction event. Now, they’re being tested by humanity.
Maddie Stone
2 days ago

A Study Tried to Use Genetics to Explain Why People Are Poor

Scientists wanted to explain health disparities and ended up with a right-wing talking point.
Dan Samorodnitsky
2 days ago

China Is Building a 1,000-Bed Hospital in 6 Days to Deal With the Coronavirus Outbreak

The quarantined city's existing hospitals are overwhelmed. They're turning away patients with symptoms and are using social media to appeal for medical supplies.
David Gilbert
2 days ago

The Story of the Champion Who Boxed in Auschwitz to Survive

Polish prisoner "Teddy" Pietrzykowski was forced into dozens of boxing matches – sharing the food scraps he won with fellow prisoners.
Paweł Mączewski
2 days ago

Police Tried to Jail a Trade Union Leader for Using a Megaphone

In an absurd case that collapsed last week, they said that the loud sound-waves hurt their ears and amounted to "battery".
Simon Childs
2 days ago
the internet

Hotmail’s Journey from Internet Must-Have to Laughing Stock

Microsoft’s email service was once the cutting edge in online communication. Now, it’s a relic from the days of dial-up internet. What happened?
Sam Hancock
2 days ago

A Love Letter to YouTube Fitness Videos

Looking to start your ~ fitness journey ~ this year? Look no further than YouTube.
James Greig
2 days ago

'Parasite' Is Being Rereleased in Black and White

Without colour, "the film felt more realistic and sharp as if I was being cut by a blade", said director Bong Joon Ho.
Bettina Makalintal
2 days ago
food news

Guys, Please Stop Dipping Your Balls In Soy Sauce

Some questionable science has led to dudes sticking their junk into salty condiments, and it needs to stop.
Jelisa Castrodale
2 days ago

Trans People Who Blocked Puberty Are 17 Percent Less Likely to Think About Suicide

A new study has found a link between accessing puberty blockers as a kid and decreased suicidal ideation as an adult.
Harron Walker
2 days ago