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The Mark Zuckerberg Deepfakes Are Forcing Facebook to Fact Check Art

The artist who made this week's first Zuckerberg deepfake made another, in protest of the platform supressing his work.
Samantha Cole
19 hours ago

People in the US Are Already Dying From Being Denied Abortions

A new study is a reminder of the serious consequences of restricting abortion access.
Kimberly Lawson
19 hours ago

This Man Is Suing a Cryonics Organisation for His Father's Frozen Head and £795k

"They chopped his head off, burned his body, put it in a box and sent it to my house," Kurt Pilgeram alleges of Alcor Life Extension Foundation.
Mack Lamoureux
19 hours ago
VICE Does 'Love Island'

The 'Love Island' Week That Was

A wanking crime (allegedly!), chaotic horny energy and cold cheese on bread – the most important moments of the last five days in the villa.
Joel Golby
2 days ago

As a Youth Worker, Food Is My Secret Weapon

Everyone has an opinion about food. Everyone has a positive memory, fun story or emotional connection to a particular dish.
Ciaran Thapar
2 days ago
The Noisey Guide to

The Guide to Getting Into Madonna, Holy Mother of Modern Pop

She's a true original with a decades-deep catalog, so ahead of the release of 'Madame X,' here's a streamlined guide to her restlessly creative and game-changing career.
Nick Levine
2 days ago

'Clued Up' Delivers Exactly What You Want from a Teen Filmmaker

18-year-old Callan Allen's debut (which he wrote, starred in and directed) presents a cliche-free depiction of big city life.
Ryan Bassil
2 days ago

Tons of Dead Seals Are Washing Up In the Arctic and Nobody Knows Why

Dozens of seal carcasses, some showing signs of hair loss, are being reported in northern Alaska.
Sarah Emerson
2 days ago

You Can Eat the Artwork at This Edible Exhibition

'Tender Touches' at London's AMP Gallery encourages visitors to break all the usual gallery rules.
Daisy Meager
2 days ago

Give Keanu Reeves Some Space, Everybody

All this Keanu mania will make us forget why we love him in the first place.
River Donaghey
2 days ago

When a Binding Contract With God Means Staying Silent on Sexual Abuse

Evangelical megachurches are leaning on a favorite tool of corporations to protect themselves from liability in the MeToo era.
Alex Norcia
2 days ago
Objectively Correct Lists

33 Essential Albums You Probably Missed So Far in 2019

There's been so much good music in 2019. Here's the best of what you haven't heard.
Noisey Staff
2 days ago