drug war

El Chapo’s Son Was Just Captured – Then Freed After the Cartel Attacked

The Sinaloa cartel leader’s son was detained by the Mexican military but released amid a shootout.
Keegan Hamilton
2 hours ago

When Did Deleting A Relationship From Your Phone Get This Hard?

The list of things I've had to do to scrub my relationship from my phone is long and depraved.
Hannah Smothers
2 hours ago

Brexit Power Ranking: We've Entered the Final Countdown

Christmas has come early, except no one gets any presents – just a 64-page deal signed off by Jean-Claude Juncker.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
2 hours ago
mental health

'Dopamine Fasting' Is the Newest 'Sounds Fake, but OK' Wellness Trend

If everyone in Silicon Valley was taking a day-long vow of silence and forgoing fun, would you do it too?
Katie Way
2 hours ago

The Movement to Ban 'The Sun' Is Bigger Than Ever

Through unions, councils, consumer campaigns and football fan activism, nationwide efforts to "boycott The Sun" continue to roll on.
Davey Brett
2 hours ago
Weekly Review

The One New Album to Care About This Week: Caroline Polachek’s ‘Pang’

In the first of our Weekly Review series, we survey the ex-Chairlift singer's alt-pop vision. Get ready to cry on the dance floor (or at home).
Ryan Bassil
2 hours ago
the internet

The Rise of Wholesome Social Media

Growing numbers are ditching mainstream social media for platforms like Goodreads and Strava, connecting over book recommendations and fitness achievements.
Rosie Hewitson
3 hours ago

Northern Ireland Is About to Reform Its Abortion Law – Now What?

If its government doesn't reconvene by October 21st, its draconian law will be tossed out the window. Activists are counting down the days.
Mary McGill
3 hours ago

The Trials and Tribulations of Sleeping with a Musician

A new comic from Maddie Cottam-Allan.
Maddie Cottam-Allan
3 hours ago

Extinction Rebellion's Tube Protest Isn't the Last of Its Problems

Activists inside the group worry its tactics could turn off potential members.
James Poulter
a day ago

How Abusers Are Exploiting Smart Home Devices

Voice-activated assistants, smart TVs and app-controlled locks and light systems promise convenience. They can also enable stalking.
Donna Lu
a day ago

Boris Johnson Says He's Got a 'Great New Deal' – What Happens Now?

The 64-page document must have majority support in Parliament before we can leave the EU.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
a day ago