Nobody Knows Why Hundreds of People Died at This Creepy Himalayan Lake

Hundreds of people mysteriously died over a millennium at "Skeleton Lake" in the Himalayas according to a new study, making the creepy location even more mysterious.
Becky Ferreira
11 hours ago

EXCLUSIVE: Harry Reid: 'Of Course' Medicare for All and Decriminalising Border Crossings Are Bad Ideas

"There are so many more important things to do," the former Senate majority leader said.
Cameron Joseph
11 hours ago
Hong Kong

How China Used Facebook and Twitter to Bombard Hong Kong With Propaganda

The platforms suspended hundreds of accounts they say were used in a state-run campaign to discredit pro-democracy protests.
Tim Hume
12 hours ago

Trump Is Now Trolling Greenland With a Giant Gold Hotel

He shared a doctored photo of the picturesque island landscape marred by a huge Trump property.
Tim Marcin
13 hours ago

Predicting Who Is Going to Win 'Bake Off' 2019 By Their Photo Alone

A profoundly correct thought experiment.
Lauren O'Neill
14 hours ago

The Chicken Shop Boxes That Might Actually Help Prevent Knife Crime

The government's #KnifeFree campaign drew widespread criticism – but now people are mobilising against it with their own counter campaigns to combat knife crime.
Emily Goddard
15 hours ago
VICE On All 4

These Are the VICE Shows You Can Now Watch for Free On All 4

Dive in!
VICE Staff
VICE On All 4
16 hours ago

Inside the Illegal Rave Where a Man Was Stabbed This Weekend

We spoke to organisers and punters about the importance of proper security at unlicensed events.
Simon Doherty
17 hours ago

Should We Be Worried About the Rise of a Cashless Society?

Money money money, it’s so funny, in a cashless world!
Ryan Bassil
17 hours ago
Are You Getting Any?

Are You Getting Any? I Lost Interest in Sex Until I Started Dating Women

This 22-year-old went from being engaged to a man to feeling asexual, to finally finding happiness in being intimate with women.
Nana Baah
18 hours ago

Still Not Okay: Gen Z Is Keeping Emo Alive

We spoke to the music fans who came of age (or were born) after the mainstream version of emo took hold in the mid-2000s.
Marianne Eloise
18 hours ago

Exclusive: The Housing Associations Building Luxury Flats Over Social Homes

Many of the country's swanky, aspirational new apartments are built by charities that are supposed to provide housing for the less well off.
Andy Jones
18 hours ago