Royals, Clubland and Two Unsolved Murders: The Inside Story of the 'Cornerman'

The 'Cornerman' ran the doors on Prince Harry and Kate Middleton's favourite nightclubs before being jailed for drugs and blackmail. But was he also behind two of London's most notorious gangland killings?

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3 hours ago
Russia Just Sent This Robot, Which Can Shoot Guns, Into Space

Meet "Fyodor", which will arrive at the International Space Station on Saturday and definitely won't become self aware.

4 hours ago
How Assad Played the US, Committed Brutal War Crimes and Won the Syrian Civil War

Officials are still divided over what the course of action should have been, but most agree the US strategy was a failure.

18 hours ago
8 People Were Told Not to Leave Epstein Alone. They Did Anyway.

Investigators are now looking into whether these people also knew, for sure, that Epstein had been left alone in his cell.


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El Paso Congresswoman Escobar Learned the Massacre Was Underway With VICE News

VICE News was with Escobar as she learned about the shooting, and trailed her as she figured out what to do next.

This Is the Guy Democrats Need to Impress at the Iowa State Fair

VICE News travels to Des Moines to meet a state politician and learn the history of the Iowa State Fair

We were there as a major refugee operation closed its last office in Florida

Many refugee advocates fear it will take years to come back from Trump’s effect on refugee admissions


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How Bernie Sanders Won Over Young Native American Voters

Only 13 percent of Native Americans receive a college degree.

Companies Are Realising That Being Publicly Conservative Is Really Unpopular

A new poll shows that people like brands more when they embrace progressive causes like LGBTQ rights, and dislike companies that support Republicans.

EXCLUSIVE: Harry Reid: 'Of Course' Medicare for All and Decriminalising Border Crossings Are Bad Ideas

"There are so many more important things to do," the former Senate majority leader said.


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The Rise of Britain's Violent Racist Prison Gangs

Islamophobic gangs like Death Before Dishonour and Piranhas are flourishing in UK prisons, largely due to police cuts and overcrowding.

Cheap Whites: Inside Berlin's Cigarette Black Market

For years Vietnamese gangs have dominated the black market for cigarettes, which is more profitable than drug trafficking. Now, Syrian gangs are pushing their way onto the scene.

The Blood-Stained Reality of Being a Crime-Scene Cleaner

"After someone has been decomposing for five months, there's not that much for the police to remove. This man had turned into soup."


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Portland's Far-Right and Antifa Showdown Drew Over 1,000 Protesters

Thirteen people were arrested and police declared a "civil disturbance", but there were relatively few skirmishes.

ISIS Is Using Internet Propaganda to Maintain a 'Virtual Caliphate', UN Report Says

The report, which argues the internet still gives the terror group global reach, urges nations to spy on the dark web.

FBI Says QAnon, Internet Conspiracy Theorists Are National Security Threats

QAnon and Pizzagate have the attention of the feds.


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Exclusive: The Housing Associations Building Luxury Flats Over Social Homes

Many of the country's swanky, aspirational new apartments are built by charities that are supposed to provide housing for the less well off.

Group That Called Extinction Rebellion 'Extremist' Is Funded By Big Energy

VICE reveals that the think tank behind a controversial report into the protest group has taken money from energy companies.

What It's Like to Be Raped and Told You Can't Talk About It with Anyone

Under existing CPS guidelines, survivors are told not to speak about their assault in therapy – unless they're prepared to have their counselling notes read out in court.

Street Politics

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Anti-Deportation Activists Are Blocking Coaches to Charter Flights

We watched Reclaim the Power members blockade the depot of a coach company that transports people due to be deported on charter flights.

We Saw Fascists and Anti-Fascists Make Each Other Bleed in Dover

Dodging rock missiles on a Saturday afternoon, as neo-Nazis demonstrated against immigration and anti-fascists protested in response.

How Britain Dealt with the Shit Hitting the Fan in 2014

Some protests are better than others – here's what the nation's angry, poor and disenfranchised learned in the last 12 months.

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