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2 hours ago
Your Frequent Flyer Status Is Part of the Problem

If you take six or more flights a year, you're part of an elite class of people whose behavior needs to change.

7 hours ago
The Hidden Mental Health Costs of Climate Change

A new report from the World Health Organisation warns that the climate crisis is already spreading disease, and could also trigger anxiety, depression and PTSD.

2 days ago
Four Ways the Climate Crisis Could Trigger a 2008-Style Economic Crash

Hurricanes, fires, floods and a sudden decline in oil demand could all have serious consequences.

Climate Crisis

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I Quit Flying for Good. Here's How It Changed My Life

We spoke to five people who have signed up to the stop flying pledge organised by advocacy group Flight Free UK​.

London, Come to a Free Event About the Future of the Planet

This weekend we're hosting a live debate with the UK Student Climate Network, young Tories, Lib Dems and Labour supporters about the issues most important to them.

We're About to Cross 9 Critical Climate Tipping Points, Scientists Say

These tipping points are now "active", scientists warn, and the rapid melting of polar ice and the loss of critical habitats could trigger an irreversible "global tipping point".


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Which of Your Favourite Apps and Websites Are the Worst for the Environment

Facebook and Google: actually relatively good. Netflix: not so much.

MPs Took Hundreds of 'Unnecessary' Commuter Flights Last Year

VICE analysis of expenses figures shows that MPs – who have been branded "arrogant" by environmental campaigners – regularly flew when they could have taken the train.

We Analysed the Polls: This Is What the UK Thinks of the Climate Crisis

Some good news, but also some fairly pessimistic news.

How to Help

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How to Join the Climate Strikes Today

Everything you need to know to get involved.

Do What You Can to Support the Global Climate Strike

Despite a year in which we've seen more climate coverage and protest than ever, global governments still aren't doing nearly enough.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Fighting Climate Change. Step One: Get Annoyed

Even if you're feeling powerless, there are things you can do to make a difference.


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'An Officer Played with My Hair' – Climate Protesters Allege Disturbing Police Behaviour

Today, a NetPol report reveals allegations of discrimination against disabled people, unjustifiable force and one officer "playing with a protester's hair".

This Simple Instrument Lets You Listen to the Glaciers Melting

A homemade barometer could revolutionise how we measure climate change.

Police Tried to Ban XR from Saving the Planet – They Lost

The climate protest group brought a case against the police's use of a draconian blanket ban that stopped any demonstrations throughout London.

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