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Mourinho's Mind Games: This Weekend in the Premier League

It might have been a truncated weekend of Premier League action, but oh boy was it a good one.
Will Magee
cry 'god for big sam england and saint george!'

We Bid Thee, Big Sam, Awaken: The Return Of England’s Prodigal Son

Somewhere on the Costa Blanca, a primal power stirs and awakens. It is Big Sam, he is dressed like Henry V, and he is about to descend on England like an avenging angel to slay those ungrateful fooks at the FA.
Will Magee
alan sugar says: you're fired!

Pards, Bilic, Bibbledy Bob: Previewing The Premier League Sack Race

In the final Premier League Preview of the week, we take an educated guess at which manager will be next for the chop.
Will Magee
shut your noise you f*cking old c*nts

School of Pard Knocks: Reviewing Swansea vs. Crystal Palace

In the first part of our Premier League Review, we look back on an absolutely mental game at the Liberty Stadium, and what it might mean for the man, the legend, Alan Pardew.
Will Magee
birthday cake and snaffled dinners

Yaya Toure and Teflon Pards: Reviewing Crystal Palace vs. Manchester City

In the third portion of our Premier League Review, we look to Yaya Toure and Alan Pardew, two men whose fortunes went in markedly different directions this weekend.
Will Magee
Crystal Palace

The Neutral's Guide To Falling In Love With… Crystal Palace

In a new monthly series, we ask football fans what makes them love their clubs. Here, Crystal Palace fans, in their own words, tell us how to appreciate the joys of Selhurst Park.
Will Magee
alan pardew: football's answer to hector berlioz

Super, Super Al, Super Alan Pardew: A Paean To The Manager Who Gives Least Fucks

In our third Premier League Preview of the week, we admit our grudging admiration for Alan Pardew, sort of.
Will Magee
the premier league is upon us

Premier League Previews: Crystal Palace, Everton, Hull City & Leicester City

In part two of our Premier League previews we're assessing the fortunes of Crystal Palace, Everton, Hull City and Leicester City.
Jim Weeks & Will Magee
we should decide by referendum

Which of These Utterly Underwhelming Candidates Will Be the Next England Boss?

After Roy Hodgson's inevitable resignation last night, England are looking for a new manager. Unfortunately there is a major dearth of candidates for the role.
UK Sports Staff
alan pardew's endless anecdotes

Alan Pardew’s After-Dinner Speaking: The Semi-Definitive Guide To The FA Cup Final

If Man United win the FA Cup final, it might just prolong the turgid reign of Louis van Gaal. If Crystal Palace triumph, we will have to listen to Alan Pardew bang on about it for all time.
Will Magee
premier league

​East of Eden: The Premier League Review

Leicester survive without Jamie Vardy, Eden Hazard finds form at the most convenient time, and Rafa Benitez is reincarnated as a beautiful magpie.
Will Magee

​No Vardy, No Party? This Weekend In The Premier League...

Newcastle and Sunderland are locked in a fight to the death, Jamie Vardy is banned from attending his own party, and Mesut Özil is ready to die for Olivier Giroud's sins.
Will Magee