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the wayne rooney pint glass controversy

The Spirit Of Big Sam Compels You: Analysing The Wayne Rooney Wine Fiasco

With The Sun speculating that Wayne Rooney got completely off his tits after England’s win against Scotland last week, we ask the big questions about the latest national team wine scandal.
Will Magee
sun sex and suspicious england fans

England, Scotland, Lager, Chips: Exploring British Football Culture On Lanzarote

If you enjoy being called "geezer" by a Spanish waiter in a bar covered in England flags, then Lanzarote is the place to be for the duration of the international break.
Tom Sabokbar
eat ma fitba ya wee prick

We Asked Scottish Football Fans Whether Their Rivalry With England is Alive and Well

Ahead of Scotland's World Cup qualifying clash with England, we got the Scottish perspective on a rivalry that was once among the most intense in international football.
Will Magee
resigning in the shitter

True Nobility In The Bogs: Remembering The End Of Kevin Keegan’s England Reign

On this day, 16 years ago, England lost their last ever match at the old Wembley Stadium. What ensued was both hilarious and poignant, in the way that only Kevin Keegan could be.
Will Magee
the eternal promise of cherno samba

What Happens Next For Championship Manager Wonderkid Cherno Samba?

In the early noughties, Cherno Samba was the ultimate acquisition on Championship Manager. In reality, he never quite lived up to his virtual billing, though he still has endless potential for greatness.
Matthew Stanger, The Set Pieces
the bruising battle for the england job

Comparing England’s Depressing Managerial Options: Steve Bruce vs. Big Sam

After a week of talks with the FA, it looks like a straight fight between Steve Bruce and Sam Allardyce for the England job. Who’s more likely to lead the Three Lions to glory, then?
Will Magee
Euro 2016

Missed Opportunities and Abject Failure: Ranking the Worst Teams of Euro 2016

With Euro 2016 complete, we can now look back at who overachieved, who let the side down, and who the hell thought Harry Kane should take corners.
UK Sports Staff
farewell roy hodgson

"These Things Happen" – How Hodgson's England Were Doomed From Day One

Roy Hodgson's record at major tournaments demonstrates that a man who convinces himself defeat is unavoidable will encounter it quickly, brutally and very, very often.
Alex Hess

Undercover Film Shows England Fans Chanting Racist Abuse at Euro 2016

Some fans sing racist songs outside French bars, while one man appears to make comments of an explicitly sexual nature to a child.
UK Sports Staff
many more years of hurt

Tragedy, Comedy, Steve McClaren: England Crash Out of Euro 2016

In the most perfect, farcical circumstances of all, England have bombed out of Euro 2016. It was tragic, but also inevitable, and somehow Steve McClaren’s fault.
Will Magee
no more years of hurt?

Curative Football or Collective Trauma? Previewing England vs. Iceland

In our first preview of the Round of 16, Jonathan Wilson anticipates England's gameplan against Iceland, and asks whether Roy Hodgson's men can finally fulfil their abundant potential.
Jonathan Wilson
iceland fans taking the piss

Icelandic Holiday Company Offers England Squad Free Whale-Watching Trip “As Bandage For Wounded Pride”

The management at the North Sailing holiday company are dead certain that Iceland are going to beat England on Monday, and want to offer the losers some compensation.
UK Sports Staff