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    • 2.9.17

      The Sports Teams Who Defied The Apartheid Boycott of South Africa

      While apartheid South Africa came under blanket boycott from many international sporting bodies, there were teams who defied the ban. Those included England cricket and rugby sides, which led to bitter acrimony at home.

    • 5.5.16

      Murali Makes History: The Greatest Bowler In Test Cricket

      On this week in 2004, Muttiah Muralitharan became the highest wicket-taker in Test cricket. It was a title he would have to fight for dauntlessly – along with his legacy itself.

    • 4.26.16

      The Cult: Monty Panesar

      Monty Panesar is a figure of fun to some, a cult hero to many. However, his jokey treatment by fans and press alike often stifles the nuance of his complex character.

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    • 5.29.15

      Moeen and Multiculturalism

      An inspiration to all, regardless of ethnicity, Moeen Ali has been expected to steady the listing ship of British multiculturalism – and fill a Graeme Swann-sized hole in the England side.

    • 4.28.15

      The Pietersen Narrative

      Kevin Pietersen playing Division Two County Championship cricket is like Daniel Day-Lewis doing panto in Peterborough. But will the KP story get a big-budget Hollywood ending?

    • 8.11.14

      Explaining Cricket to Americans

      How could you possibly explain a sport as bizarre as cricket to someone who grew up in America?