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Scenes Of Elation On The Streets of North London After Arsenal’s FA Cup Triumph

On Saturday, Arsenal only went and beat Chelsea to win the FA Cup for a record 13th time. We were on the streets of North London, taking pictures of the resultant carnage.
Will Magee
We're all going to Wembley, Lads

The People of VICE Share Their FA Cup Final Memories

We asked a few VICE staff to recall their most memorable FA Cup Final moments.
VICE Sports
Football at the Crystal Palace

When the FA Cup Final Was Played in the Shadow of the Crystal Palace

Before the old Wembley was even built, the FA Cup Final made its home south of the river in Crystal Palace Park. For 20 years, the biggest game in the country was played in the shadow of a grand glass house.
Jim Weeks

Wayne Shaw Eating a Pasty: The Best or Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Football?

Our writers discuss.
Joel Golby
farewell to graham taylor

Remembering The Unlikely and Endearing Friendship Between Graham Taylor and Elton John

When Elton John took over at his beloved Watford, he needed a manager who could fulfil his ambitions. That manager was Graham Taylor, and they became firm friends as a result.
Will Magee

Photographing the Grit and the Glory of the FA Cup's Embryonic Early Rounds

Documentary photographers Joseph Fox and Orlando Gili are charting this year's FA Cup from its humble beginnings through to the final in May. Here, their images from the preliminary rounds show the competition at its earliest stages.
Joseph Fox & Orlando Gili
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Goodnight Mister Tom: A Sweet Farewell To Tomas Rosicky

During Arsenal’s barren era, Tomas Rosicky was one of the few truly brilliant players to grace the club. As with so many others, however, the spectre of injury haunted his career.
Will Magee

The Hangover News

This weekend Karen Harding flubbed the national anthem at the FA Cup final, a US drone strike reportedly killed the Afghan Taliban's leader and more.
Zoe Denton
alan pardew's endless anecdotes

Alan Pardew’s After-Dinner Speaking: The Semi-Definitive Guide To The FA Cup Final

If Man United win the FA Cup final, it might just prolong the turgid reign of Louis van Gaal. If Crystal Palace triumph, we will have to listen to Alan Pardew bang on about it for all time.
Will Magee

Madness at the Cup Final: The Enduring Tragedy of Paul Gascoigne

In the 1991 FA Cup Final, a moment of madness saw Gazza sustain a devastating injury. It was a disaster for England’s brightest hope, and was as inevitable as it was tragic.
Will Magee
exceedingly poor sportsmanship

Cynicism And The Cruellest Of Tackles: How The 1980 FA Cup Final Changed Football

After the 1980 FA Cup final, the professional foul was defined in the Laws of the Game. That was down to a grizzled Arsenal centre-back, and perhaps the most cynical tackle of all time.
Will Magee
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​East of Eden: The Premier League Review

Leicester survive without Jamie Vardy, Eden Hazard finds form at the most convenient time, and Rafa Benitez is reincarnated as a beautiful magpie.
Will Magee