Row Z

Why Fulham FC Are the Essence of Schadenfreude

Their Premier League relegation reminds us all that watching the rich fail terribly is one of England's favourite pastimes.
Hydall Codeen
Row Z

Farewell to the Oblivion in Slaviša Jokanović's Eyes

The recently sacked Fulham manager's horrified gaze has been the most startling visual feature of the season so far.
Hydall Codeen

Exorcising Ghosts in the Premier League's Nostalgia Machine

Are Man United and Arsenal finally ready to escape the shadows of the recent past?
Hydall Codeen
london rental opportunity of the week

London Rental Opportunity of the Week: An IKEA Show Room in Fulham

I also have: a theory about towels.
Joel Golby
london rental opportunity of the week

London Rental Opportunity of the Week: Where Love Goes to Die

In Fulham.
Joel Golby
queens park rangers

The Neutral’s Guide To Falling In Love With… Queens Park Rangers

Forming one corner of West London’s footballing quadrangle, QPR are urban underdogs by nature. We went to Loftus Road to hear more about the club from those who know it best.
Will Magee
mercurial bulgarian strikers

Dimitar Berbatov: Artist. Genius. Failure?

How will football remember Dimitar Berbatov: as an artist, a genius, or a failure? Perhaps all three descriptions are required to sum up the brilliant, blasé Bulgarian.
Daniel Lee

The Neutral’s Guide To Falling In Love With… Fulham

Previously a neutral’s favourite amongst Premier League sides, Fulham have been forced to come to terms with a drop in division in recent years. We spoke to fans about the change in culture and all new reasons to love the club.
Will Magee
festive goalfests and boxing day batterings

Remembering The Greatest Boxing Day In The History Of English Football

With Boxing Day one of the most important dates in the domestic football calendar, we expect it to produce some serious entertainment. In 1963, expectations were exceeded by an absurd margin.
Will Magee
football statues: shit or not shit?

Rating Statues of Footballers Purely On Artistic Merit

With Alan Shearer’s new statue at Newcastle being widely compared to Dale Winton, we have decided to rate football’s most famous sculptures on artistic merit alone.
Will Magee
the impossible beauty of nature

​The Cult: Dimitar Berbatov

Be it a cold winter night in London or a summer's afternoon in Monaco, is there a more beautiful footballer with the ball at his feet than Dimitar Berbatov?
James Baines
extremely serious matters

​Alan Curbishley Must Not Be Allowed To Return To Management – A VICE Sports Appeal

Every year, Curbishley saves the average football journalist 17 working hours.
VICE Sports