Menk, by John Doran

I Got Hit By a Car and Turned Into a Racist Libertines Fan

Serious trauma does funny stuff to your brain.
John Doran
2 days ago

I Ate and Drank Nothing But CBD-Infused Meals for a Week

If CBD is so good for you, wouldn't nothing but CBD be great for you?
Justin Caffier
medical cannabis

The UK Is Getting a Much Needed 'Medical Cannabis Society'

Only two chronically ill children have been granted access since the government announced it would review the laws surrounding medical cannabis. Professor Mike Barnes wants to do something about that.
Mattha Busby
mental health

Kids with Depression Aren't Getting the Help They Need

The WHO estimates that depression is the main cause of illness for teenagers. Yet many healthcare professionals still don't know how to treat it.
Rebecca Baden

Having a Brain Injury Is Like Going to a Belgian Hardcore Rave

Memories of an MRI and the wobbliness that followed.
John Doran

The Bizarre Untold Origin Story of the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator

How a mother-daughter team created the pseudoscientific quiz that conquered the world.
Nicole Clark
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Man Fell Into a Massive, Fake-Looking Hole at an Art Museum

He literally descended into Anish Kapoor's "Descent into Limbo".
Beckett Mufson
plastic surgery

Why More Men Are Getting Calf and Pec Implants

Apparently women aren’t the only ones getting body implants.
Allison Tierney
mental illness

PTSD, Suicide and Despair: The Silent Perils of Being a Firefighter

The most dangerous part of the job can come when firefighters are off the clock.
Cole Kazdin
High Wire

Labeling People Video Game 'Addicts' Could Be a Massive Mistake

If the cure looks anything like "solutions" to drug addiction, this could get ugly.
Maia Szalavitz

MDMA Mimics a Genetic Disorder Called 'Cocktail Party Syndrome'

Williams syndrome is often called the opposite of autism – so researchers believe MDMA could help people on the autism spectrum.
Jennifer Latson
ten questions

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Poison Control Phone Operator

"We’ve [had people call about] sex toys that were accidentally swallowed and continued to vibrate in somebody’s stomach."
Justin Caffier