Photo Issue


Hilarious Photos Capture the Biggest Floppy Disc, Knife, and CD You've Ever Seen

Thomas Mailaender's "Guinness Book" series depicts his relatives proudly holding ridiculously oversized items.
VICE Staff
The Photo Issue 2019

Photos of Dated Furniture Signs Will Take You Back to a Different Time

Darin Mickey’s photography captures humorous, mundane observations of everyday life. He shared some images from his archive for this year’s photo issue.
VICE Staff
The Photo Issue 2019

This Photographer Turns Humans Into Real-Life Bratz Dolls

Photographer Arvida Byström and stylist Lo Hallen bring Bratz Dolls to life with this surreal fashion photo shoot.
VICE Staff
The Photo Issue 2019

Funny Shots from the Archives of Iconic Photographer Martin Parr

Martin Parr, one of the UK's most famous photographers, is known for his saturated and satirical images depicting leisure and consumption in England. For this year’s photo issue he shared some images from his archives.
Martin Parr
The Photo Issue 2019

This Photographer's Images Make Up the Best Family Photo Album We've Ever Seen

Michael Northrup has been documenting his life – and that of his friends and family – through funny snapshots for nearly four decades. For this year’s photo issue he shared some images from his extensive archive.
Michael Northrup
VICE Magazine

These Playful Photos Capture the Ridiculousness of Everyday Life

Toronto-based photographer Kyle Berger has a talent for perfectly creating little moments of hilarity in his life.
Kyle Berger
The Photo Issue 2019

Intimate Photos Capture a Photographer's Feminine Persona

For this year’s photo issue we’re thrilled to include images from the new book April Dawn Alison. The impressive self-portrait series begins in the 1970s and spans 30 years.
April Dawn Alison
The Photo Issue 2019

Dive into a Decade of Absurd Photos Shot on Low-Quality Phones

Jerry Hsu’s upcoming photobook, 'The Beautiful Flower Is the World,' features hilarious images shot on BlackBerry smartphones.
Jerry Hsu
The Photo Issue 2016

A Photographer Transforms Herself Into Dry Ramen Noodles, Karl Lagerfeld, and Justin Timberlake's Hair

Jaimie Warren revels in visions of excess as she playfully depicts and becomes the things we devour and the figures we fear will devour us.
Jaimie Warren
The Photo Issue 2016

Photographer and Video Artist Gillian Wearing Takes a Self-Portrait While Wearing a Mask of Her Own Face

Gillian Wearing shot to fame in the 1990s for a series of portraits of strangers, each holding a sign with their innermost thoughts written on it. Here, she wears an envy mask: a mask of her own face.
Gillian Wearing
The Photo Issue 2016

Israeli McDonald’s and Texan Wrestlers: A Mixed-Media Artist Recreates Her Adolescence

Keren Shavit's series focuses on two teenage girls, Peti and Lucy, who work at a cut-rate Israeli version of McDonald's and are obsessed with a family of wrestlers from Dallas.
Keren Shavit
The Photo Issue 2016

The Everyday Lives of Young, Female Israeli Soldiers

​Mayan Toledano's intimate series showing female Israeli soldiers was inspired by her own experience in the Israeli military.
Mayan Toledano