sex and relationships

How to Have Sex With a Fat Girl

Touch – and I cannot stress this enough – the FUPA.
Gina Tonic
13 hours ago

My Partner's Twitch Stream Transformed Our Sex Life

Talking about sex with an audience of strangers became a new kind of foreplay.
Stephen Wilds
a day ago
sex and relationships

The Most Extreme Ways People Have Reacted to Being Ghosted

“I made a banner that said 'PLEASE TALK TO ME' because I knew he'd see it.”
Daisy Jones
2 days ago

Cousin Marriages Could Die Out For British Muslim Pakistanis

Cousin marriage is legal in Britain. In one community, a new generation are rethinking the practice and its impact on their families.
Mohammad Zaheer
Are You Getting Any?

Are You Getting Any? How Being Agender Affects My Sex Life

Ryan is attracted to men, women and "also everyone in between."
Nana Baah
The DM That Changed My Life

The DM That Changed My Life: A Three-Word Email from My Mum

My mum has had the same phone for nearly a decade now. A battered, pay-as-you-go Blackberry with no data or wifi compatibility.
Dominique Sisley

We Talked to People in the 11 Percent of Millennials Who 'Always' Feel Lonely

"How can I be this old and not have any friends?"
Allie Conti

I Hadn't Seen My Addict Father in Years – Then I Ran Into Him on the Street

I spotted my dad hanging out in a sketchy alley in my hometown. He didn't even recognise me when I introduced myself.
Jordan Foisy

We Asked Top Shaggers How They Have So Much Sex

"Once, I left the bed of someone I was semi-regularly sleeping with, went out and had a threesome, then came back and had sex again."
Moya Lothian-McLean
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Every Single Crisis You’ll Have in Your Twenties

That's right, all nine years of existential terror.
Daisy Jones
Hannah Ewens

I Asked Stifler's Mom to Fix My Sex Life

I asked Jennifer Coolidge off 'American Pie' for dating advice, but she says I’m already perfect and all my misfortunes can be blamed on men.
Emma Garland

How to Date People Who Are Into Astrology

"One guy said he didn't like me sending him astrology memes because they highlighted the parts of himself he dislikes the most."
Daisy Jones