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Who Wants to Go to a Photo Show in Bushwick?

Bermuda Studios in Bushwick is celebrating their grand opening by throwing a photo show featuring some of our favorite photographers/people.

by Christian Storm
Sep 13 2012, 7:49pm

Bermuda Studios is a new studio and event space opening soon in Bushwick and to kick it off, they're throwing a photo show featuring some of our favorite photographers. The show is curated by Joseph Jagos and Chris Puidokas and features work by Grant Singer, Christelle de Castro, Brayden Olson, Brian DeRan, Nick Gazin, Jamie Nelson, Cara Stricker, Josef Kraska, Cle Torres, JERRY,Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Carly Rabalais, Elizabeth Weinberg, Mitchell Mclennan, Roger Kisby, Nina Westervelt, Kyle Knodell, Ben Pier, Chris Coady, and a video loop of some great music video work from Grant Singer for Starred. 

The show is on Wednesday September 19th. Bermuda Studios is at 6 Knickberbocker Ave., in Brooklyn. RSVP to

photo by Cara Stricker

photo by Christelle de Castro

photo by Cle Torres

photo by Elizabeth Weinberg

photo by Jamie Nelson

photo by Nick Gazin

photo by Ben Pier