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Women Are Lining Up to Meet Dr. Rico, the Hottest Gynecologist Ever

Dr. Manuel Rico, a Spanish model turned gynecologist, has moved out of fashion and into pussy. Now, the local press in Concepción, Chile, has reported that perfectly healthy patients are flooding the hospital, hoping for a few minutes with the Spanish...

by Nadja Sayej
Feb 7 2014, 7:30pm

Manuel Rico, a Spanish 24-year-old model turned gynecologist, has moved out of fashion and into pussy. Now, the local press in Concepción, Chile, has reported a flood of patients lining up to be examined by the sultry Rico.

Like something out of a desperate soap opera, all the women who waited at the hospital were healthy, according to Soy Chile. No yeast infections or even questionable scents. But all this celebrity hoopla in the hospital has raised the somewhat shallow argument of employing handsome doctors to improve public health.

After starting his medical studies last September at the University of Concepción, Rico now works at the Region Hospital of Concepción, where he's drawn a ton of attention—especially after a press conference held to formally introduce him. He basically turned into the Spanish version of McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy.

As one of 140 international students, Rico told the University of Concepción that he prefers to study in Chile over Spain because of the "more humanistic" approach to the patient. Spain "is more devoted to technology and the concept of disease," he said.

Rico gained his fame in 2010 when he was named the "King of Beauty" in Spain. As a former model with Berta Models Management in Barcelona, he posed for Calvin Klein and Gucci, among others. Coincidentally, this dreamboat’s surname Rico means "rich" and "delicious" in Spanish.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Rico's Facebook page

His modeling profile is still online, however. Here's the doctor splayed out in white briefs, climbing out of pools, smoking a cigarette James Dean–style, and posing with his chiseled cheeks and buff bod.

The beautiful photo shoots continue on the Dr. Rico fanpage, supposedly run by Rico himself, where he interacts with affectionate fans. He recently posted that he is learning how to use Skype. And, ladies, rumor has it that he is single.

Aside from the women "panty dropping" over #manuelrico on Twitter, the hilarious social media commentary includes women who say, "I think it's time to go to my yearly checkup," as well as scepticism, like, "We criticize the men who see women ‘as sex objects’... the poor guy."

While the attention may be nice, Rico is overwhelmed by his fame. As ABC News in Spain reported, Rico left the fashion world four years ago and "is now in a new stage of his life."

"I’d rather remain anonymous," he said.