A Bus Is Teetering on a Hong Kong Hotel's Rooftop

Richard Wilson's kinetic sculpture 'Hang On A Minute Lads... I've Got A Great Idea,' is turning heads in Hong Kong.

by Beckett Mufson
Mar 17 2015, 10:30pm

'Hang On A Minute Lads... I've Got A Great Idea,' Richard Wison. Image courtesy the Royal Academy, via

Look up outside this Hong Kong hotel and you'll see what looks like the startling sight of a full-sized bus, balanced precariously on the building's edge. What you're actually seeing is Richard Wilson's latest sculpture, a reprise of Hang On A Minute Lads… I've Got A Great Idea, an homage to the cliffhanger ending of 1969 heist film The Italian Job.

Wilson worked with the UK's Royal Academy of Arts and Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel to place the 40'-long, 6-tonne sculpture on its perch, where it sporadically rocks to and fro as it did at its original station atop the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill, England.

“Here in the most vertical city in the world it’s about placing an iconic moment and an iconic event on an iconic building,” Wilson says in a short video produced by the Peninsula Hotel. "It changes people's relationship to the building. It certainly makes it memorable."

Check out more of Richard Wilson's work on his website.


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