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Dinamarca and Kablam Collide on a Scathing Metal-Gabber Track

"DINABLAM" is off the STAYCORE producer's forthcoming 'Holy' EP.

by Alexander Iadarola
Nov 30 2016, 2:55pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

STAYCORE co-founder Dinamarca and Janus affiliate KABLAM have shared a searing new collaboration, "DINABLAM," off Dinamarca's forthcoming Holy EP. Introducing itself with what sounds like a distressed extraterrestrial call, the track unites an ensemble of rhythmic noise phenomena with a sinister melodic progression. Sludgy percussion movements meanwhile get pulled apart like meat from the bone, egged on by a gut-punching bassline evocative of Norwegian black metal.

Dinamarca gave THUMP some backstory for the track via email. "I love working with KABLAM, she's super talented," he said. "Her approach to music is really different from mine but I'm always so happy with the end result when we work together. Especially with this song, I really feel you can hear both of us in it. 'DINABLAM' is our little metal-gabber baby."

Last month, STAYCORE's Mechatok brought together clear-eyed emotion and deft pop sensibility on his See Thru EP.

Holy will be released this Friday, December 2.

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