Best Tailgate Ever: We're Teaming Up With Verge Campus to Bring 12th Planet and AC Slater to Your School

Craze, Treasure Fingers, Gladiator, and many more will be soundtracking your fall semester.
August 21, 2015, 2:55pm

Summer is nearing its end, and soon you'll soon be stuck in class, having to write a paper or two (or a hundred). But let's focus on the good stuff: hanging out with your closest friends every night. This year, between the months of September and November, there's something else to get excited about, and it's called the Game Day Tour. It's essentially the best tailgate party (hosted by Draft Kings) to ever invade your campus, and without question, the loudest.

Brought to you by THUMP and Verge Campus, with support from our friends over at VICE Sports and Good Music All Day, the upcoming fall tour will provide enough musical awesomeness to fulfill your party thirst. Instead of the partying to a bland iTunes playlist (playing "Shout" stopped being cool after Animal House dude), DJs like AC Slater, 12th Planet, Craze, Treasure Fingers, Wuki, and a bunch more will soon storm through your quad to soundtrack whatever futuristic drinking game you and your friends have just invented. Oculus Rift beer pong anyone?

It's all happening in conjunction with your campus' football game day, and all you have to do to join the party is grab a ticket. So stay in tune with your college campus happenings, and if you're lucky, one of these DJs might be swinging through your town. Follow THUMP and Verge Campus on Twitter, and look out for #GAMEDAYTOUR for more details.

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