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Hillary Clinton concedes election in front of emotional crowd

by Alex Thompson
Nov 9 2016, 2:01am

Democrat Hillary Clinton conceded the presidential election to Republican Donald Trump Wednesday morning in Manhattan with an uplifting message to an audience of stricken supporters. “Donald Trump is going to be our president,” Clinton told the crowd. “We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.”

Teary and impassioned, Clinton repeatedly thanked her campaign team, her family, and the people who supported her campaign. She spoke directly to all the girls of America and told them to “never doubt that you are powerful and valuable.”

Clinton also addressed her surprising loss. “This is painful and it will be for a long time,” she said, adding the “nation is more deeply divided than we thought.” She went on to argue for the values of equality and diversity, a nod to the racially-charged rhetoric of her victorious opponent.

Former President Bill Clinton and Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine flanked Hillary Clinton on stage. Kaine clapped loudly and enthusiastically at her every line while the former president looked inconsolable and clapped almost as a routine.

Before exiting the stage of what is likely her final political campaign, the 69-year-old Clinton encouraged her supporters to continue to fight for what they believe is right because “it’s worth it.” In a bit of a self-deprecating wink acknowledging her loss, Clinton told the crowd that “I know we are ‘Stronger Together.’”

Later, at an appearance in at the White House, President Barack Obama promised to work with the president-elect to ensure a “successful transition between our presidencies.”

“We are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country,” he said. “The peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy, and over the next few months we are going to show that to the world.”