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Venezuela Rising: Dispatch One

Across Venezuela, coalitions of political groups and students are taking to the streets, rattling the country to its core.

by تجربة
Feb 28 2014, 3:00am

Photo via Alex Chitty

Over the past six weeks in Venezuela, a coalition of political groups opposed to the President, Nicolas Maduro, and students angry over dramatic crime rates have taken to the streets in mass demonstrations. At least 15 people have died since the protests began. The Chavista government is deeply critical of the wave of demonstrations, calling them a right-wing grab for power organized by bourgeois students and supported by the same political figures who attempted a coup over Hugo Chávez in 2002. Yesterday, Lilian Tintori, the wife of recently jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, lead a march to the headquarters of the National Guard.

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