Daily Horoscope: March 03, 2017

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Mar 3 2017, 8:00am

Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The Moon is in sensual Earth sign Taurus, creating a grounded, chill vibe today. It will connect with power planet Pluto, in driven Earth sign Capricorn, at 10:20 AM, creating a passionate, confident atmosphere.

All times EST.


Money is on your mind, Aries, thanks to the Moon in Earth sign Taurus. Self-worth and your values are up for reflection, too. Issues like your reputation and popularity will also come up for you to work with—it's a powerful day to get your name "out there."


The Moon is in your sign, Taurus! Make time to love and nurture yourself. The Moon will connect with power planet Pluto early on today, inspiring you to take some risks and break out of your normal routine.


Take it easy today, Gemini: The Moon is in lazy Taurus, lighting up the sleep and solitude sector of your chart. It's a powerful day for healing and letting go. Your psychic powers are extra strong today.


The Moon is in chill Earth sign Taurus today, illuminating friendship sector of your chart and inspiring you to connect with people you enjoy. Some excellent ideas will be exchanged early on today.


The Moon is in luxurious Taurus today, illuminating the fame and fortune sector of your chart. This is a powerful day for getting shit done. You're making your mark on the world, Leo!


The Moon is in fellow Earth sign Taurus today, inspiring you to break out of your regular routine. The energy early today is wonderfully creative, and some flirty vibes will be coming your way, too!


You're in an intense mood today, Libra. You'll be feeling very emotional, and ready for a change in your life. Issues concerning intimacy will come up today, as will concerns about security, both financial and emotional.


The Moon in Taurus is activating the relationship sector of your chart. It's a powerful day for connecting with others. You hate small talk! Today's fantastic for deep conversations.


The Moon is in stable, solid Earth sign Taurus, encouraging you to focus on getting your work done. Early on today, the vibe will be especially potent for making money or reminding yourself of your worth.


You're in a flirtatious mood today thanks to the Moon in fellow Earth sign Taurus, which is lighting up the sector of your chart that rules fun, flirtation, and creativity! Things will be especially exciting early today.


The Moon is in Taurus, illuminating the home and family sector of your chart. You'll be in a very sensitive, emotional mood today, and it's also a fantastic day for healing old wounds and expressing yourself through art.


It's a powerful day for communication, Pisces! You have an amazing imagination, but putting things into words can be hard for you—not today. Supportive energy will flow in your friendships.

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