Paris Club Concrete Acquires 24-Hour License

The club's booker: "Everything is possible now."

by Alexander Iadarola
Mar 8 2017, 6:19pm

Photo courtesy of Concrete on Twitter

Noted Paris club, Concrete, today announced that it has officially received a 24-hour license, allowing it to stay open all hours of the day and night. Previously, the club had to end its Friday and Saturday night parties at AM. The venue itself is a stationary boat-like structure located on the Seine, and it announced on Facebook today that it's Saturday night parties will not end before 10AM.

Concrete has amended its regular programming to accommodate the new scheduling possibilities, also announcing a new recurring party called Samedimanche that will run from 10PM on Saturday night to 2PM on Monday morning. It will occur once or twice a month.

"This license proves that our culture is getting accepted and understood in Paris," said the club's booker Brice Coudert to RA. "The law in France normally makes you close the doors at 7AM, so we had to shut the music down at every event at 6:45 AM, to have everybody outside 15 minutes later. It was really frustrating sometimes to cut it down when the vibe was at its peak. Now we'll be able to let the last artist play longer if he or she wants, or ask another artist to take the turntables back at 7AM—or even book a surprise guest especially for the after hours. Everything is possible now."

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