Check Your Baggage and Hop On Burning Man's Airplane Art Car

"Artistically, the 747 represents our journey through life toward one's future."

Sep 6 2016, 6:06pm

It's kind of like a really big party bus for deep thinkers. Image: Big Imagination Foundation/Facebook

Aside from being a weird, wild temporary desert community, Burning Man has also come to be a petri dish for some of the most innovative and eclectic pieces of art and tech. Art cars roam the playa as Burners hop on board to dance. This year, one group took their art car to the next level by putting a Boeing 747 jumbo jet on wheels.

It took several months for the Big Imagination Foundation, a nonprofit organization that "incubates brave new ideas and talent," to hollow out a 1985 Boeing commercial plane to make space for art and dancing.

Burners in the plane. Image: Big Imagination Foundation/Facebook

The group calls their airplane art car "the largest moving art experience ever made." The upper deck was transformed into a open-air rooftop, and the plane's tail and side wings were removed altogether. The rows of seats was replaced with couches and lounge chairs. Weighing over 50 tons, the plane was pulled around the playa by an aircraft tug car.

At Burning Man, the 747 was set up to feature daily talks from global thought leaders in the "First Class lounge" and special performances at night. When burners entered the plane as passengers, they were asked "What baggage do you need to lose?" and "Where are you going?"

"Artistically, the 747 represents our journey through life toward one's future," the Big Imagination Foundation wrote on its website. "Where is it that you want to go? How do you want to make a difference? These are the questions we want people to ponder."