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A Genius Turned Desiigner's Nardwuar Interview into a Beat That's Harder Than Diamonds

If Desiigner rapped on a beat made out of Desiigner sounds... We must go deeper.

by Phil Witmer
Mar 22 2017, 4:50pm

As we've said many times before, Desiigner's greatest strength is his manic energy as expressed through his mouth. There was plenty of that on display during his recent interview with the equally enthusiastic Nardwuar and now we have proof that Desiigner's noises are inspiring to creatives. A brave producer on Reddit's /r/ hiphopheads forum has assembled a collage of Desiigner's whoops, growls, clicks, and bleats into a trap beat and sweet mother of Mannie Fresh does it go off.

The crazy part is that you could put anyone on this beat, but Desiigner himself would most likely be the best match. Listening to Desiigner rap on a beat made out of himself would be a game of rap Where's Waldo. Where is the real Desiigner amongst the echoes? Why does he legitimately sound like a goat? Ponder these questions as you listen to this self-described "trash content" below.

Phil is a Noisey staff writer and is dangerously close to not taking anything seriously ever again. He's on Twitter.