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Festival Totems of EDC Las Vegas

Signals of hope helping you find your rage buddies.

by Ani Hajderaj
Jun 27 2014, 9:40pm

Finding your friends at a major festival is a challenge, but ravers are crafty people so they bring out signs... signs of hope. Rave arts and crafts include Kandi, costumes, LED contraptions and festival totems in efforts of helping you find your buddies. Here is a list of great ones that we saw at this year's Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas.

The rave fam, they love Insomniac parties.

Much Festival, Such Rave, So PLUR. Wow.

Because we love tacos.

Stewie wasn't ready for EDC.

Obligatory Ryan Raddon face.

The Channing Totem.

This guy tripped us out; you can see the love through the shades.

As if the desert wasn't hot enough, this guy spiced up the party.

This chick is getting that like from us.

The poor guy is in rehab but he was there in spirit!

Mr. Bean is gangsta.

"I'll be back!"

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Ani Hajderaj doesn't carry totems but he loves festivals, follow him @AniHajderaj.

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