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Kilbourne Gave GNUČČI​'s Single "Young Paul Abdul" the Hardcore Remix It Needed

The New Orleans producer follows up her 'Sourland' EP with another Defqon.1-ready production.

by Alexander Iadarola
Oct 3 2016, 7:53pm

Release artwork courtesy of the artist

Agro-femme New Orleans producer Kilbourne has shared a molten hardcore remix of Swedish rapper GNUČČI's single "Young Paula Abdul," dashing it with some of the wonderful Defqon.1-ready stylings found on her recent Sourland EP. Where that record saw Ashe Kilbourne generally put melodic arrangements front-and-center, here things are more rhythmically focused, showing how much of an artform this kind of fine-tuned speaker-busting repetition can be.

GNUČČI gave THUMP some backstory on her and Kilbourne's relationship via email. "Getting to know and vibe with Kilbourne by working together has been a mad cute, friendly, experience-exchanging process and relationship," she said. "We've also helped each other out with feedback, feelings and bookings. I rarely work with people that I can't send emojis and a caps lock pep-talk to. The remix sounds like how support should be—hardcore and amazing."

She also recently released a video for the original "Young Paula Abdul" single—check it out below and see her upcoming tour dates with NYC rapper Princess Nokia after the jump.

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