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Skyshaker Battles with Mental Health on Urgent New Bootleg Pack

Hear the Qween Beat producer's remixes of Evanescence and Kamixlo.

by Alexander Iadarola
Dec 14 2016, 10:30pm

Release artwork courtesy of the artist

Qween Beat producer Skyshaker today shared an urgent new bootleg pack, titled Every Scar, ahead of her performance at the Oakland fundraiser QUAKE this Friday. The lead track is a remix of Evanescence's alt rock classic "Bring Me To Life," taking the original's haunted narrative and submerging it further into tumultuous, depressive ambiance shot through with an agitated dembow beat. The collection also includes a raucous remix of Bala Club affiliate Kamixlo done in collaboration with LA artist IZLA in the self-described of #TROPIKVNT, as well as a teaser of a forthcoming Lil' Mo remix. Every Scar follows the producer's Brogue Wars mix dealing with issues of ownership and appropriation in ballroom culture, released on NON earlier this year.

The artist told THUMP about how Every Scar emerged from struggles with mental health problems via email. "2016 for me was largely a year of loss, communication, and the loss of communication," she said. "Professionally and personally, the way I found my intentions at odds with the responses they received made the year a bittersweet life lesson in naivety. As my narrative became indirectly rewritten by those I least expected, lifelong ambiguphobia metastasized into suicidal tendencies for the third time in my life."

"It's time to apologize to those I've alienated, remember who I was, and grieve so I can celebrate who I am becoming and everyone still in my corner. These songs represent the beginning of each stage of this rehabilitation: centering myself, advocating for myself, and remaining unbothered, flexing all the newly attained muscle. It felt good to listen to my old iPod recently and remember the music that got me through my previous struggles. It's especially fitting at this stage of my life to know many of these sources of strength, even back then, came from women.

"Years later, I think I may have finally learned something from them: don't apologize for restructuring your existence within threatening spaces until it reflects your truth. Remember the heartbeats behind both keyboards. You can hear mine in my remix of 'Bring Me To Life.' Remember to take care of the artists you love and check on them. Remind them you're on their side and remind them of their own heartbeat as a thank you for them reminding you of yours. And above all, remind yourself to ask for help when you need it."

Skyshaker plays Brooklyn collective Fake Accent's QUAKE party this Friday, alongside Tygapaw, DJ Kala, Rozay LaBeija, and more.

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