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Pro-Islamic State Magazine's Office Bombed in Istanbul

A bomb targeting the Istanbul offices of 'Adimlar,' a militant Islamist magazine, left one dead and three injured.

by Alice Speri
Mar 26 2015, 4:10pm

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A bomb targeting the Istanbul office of Adimlar magazine killed one person and injured three others on Wednesday night in an attack that so far remains unclaimed.

The victim, Unsal Zor, was a staff writer at Adimlar, which is published by supporters of the Islamist militant group the Great Eastern Islamic Raiders' Front, or IBDA-C.

IBDA-C considers the secular Turkish government illegal, calls for Islamic rule in Turkey, and has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks. The magazine has also reportedly expressed support for the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

Ali Osman Zor, Adimlar's editor-in-chief and a brother of the victim, was also injured in the blast. He had reportedly defended the Islamic State group in the past, blaming Western imperialism for its existence.

An anonymous staff member speaking to CNN blamed Western agents for the blast.

"We know this to be the work of CIA and Mossad," he said. "We know this is an intelligence operation."

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